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Upcoming Black Panther toys reveal an upgrade for the film's villain

Warning: The following article contains character spoilers for the film BLACK PANTHER. Is it February yet? I only ask because that's when Ryan Coogler 's BLACK PANTHER is poised to prowl into theaters. Personally, I've been climbing the walls in anticipation for when one of Marvel's most intellectual heroes, T'Challa, makes his way to the silver...
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The cast of Black Panther and Thor: Ragnarok pose for a star-studded photo

It's a given that San Diego Comic Con is a place where anything can happen, and about a half hour before Disney and Marvel's BLACK PANTHER and THOR: RAGNAROK Hall H presentation, denizens and heroes alike from both Asgard and Wakanda came together for a positively epic photo-op, courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter . The collaborative photo, which was a Marvel first,...
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Black Panther unveils partnership with Lexus ahead of San Diego Comic-Con

Ahead of this year's San Diego Comic Con event, Marvel Studios has unveiled a partnership between Lexus and the upcoming superhero film BLACK PANTHER. When you see the film, you'll no doubt get an eyeful of the 2018 Lexus LC, as it cruises through the streets, looking nearly as cool as the film's titular hero does. As a part of the celebration, both Marvel and...
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T'Challa, Nakia & Okoye stand tall in Black Panther D23 poster

Even though D23 is over that doesn’t mean the Marvel goodies aren’t going to keep flowing. Right before the big battle between Thanos and the Avengers, BLACK PANTHER will have his own solo adventure with his own squad of badasses. Among those warriors are Nakia ( Lupita Nyong’o ) and Okoye ( Danai Gurira ), and both are present with Panther (Chadwick Boseman) in this...
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Black Panther portraits introduce us to the heroes & villains of Wakanda

We're currently sixteen films deep into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so the opportunity to explore an entirely new world with a ensemble of fresh characters is quite exciting. Ryan Coogler 's upcoming BLACK PANTHER will finally take us to Wakanda, the secretive African nation briefly glimpsed in CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR, and give Chadwick Boseman the chance to shine after...
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Chadwick Boseman on Klaue being the real villain of Black Panther

Still in mourning over the assassination of his father in CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR, Ryan Coogler 's BLACK PANTHER will find T'Challa ( Chadwick Boseman ) struggling to adjust to his new position as King of Wakanda. In addition to the guilt he feels in taking his father's throne far sooner than was expected, T'Challa must deal with unrest among the tribal leaders of...
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Black Panther stars take over EW cover & new details emerge

In February we will bear witness to the comic book world’s first black superhero, Black Panther, hitting the big screen, and he's bringing the advanced, futuristic nation of Wakanda with him. Everything about it marks a huge leap forward for Marvel (if they weren’t already ahead of the pack), and people are already fawning over the first trailer. Now, you can fawn over...
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Nightshade is yet another villain to appear in Black Panther

Overstuffing comic-book movies with tons of villains is a complaint that goes back to the '90s. And BLACK PANTHER already has a few, including Andy Serkis ' Ulysses Klaw, Michael B. Jordan 's Killmonger, and Winston Duke's Man-Ape. We can now add Tida Johnson a.k.a. Nightshade into the film. This was confirmed by actress/singer Nabiyah Be on her Twitter, where she...
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Study discovers obvious: diverse casting increases box office potential

The cineplexes have never been more diverse. From the multiracial and female led STAR WARS films, to the "surprise" smash successes of WONDER WOMAN, HIDDEN FIGURES, and GET OUT, to the improbable billion-dollar FAST AND FURIOUS franchise, to the anticipation of BLACK PANTHER and CAPTAIN MARVEL, it seems films are only getting more diverse - which is only a good thing. Not only...
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Teaser for Marvel's Black Panther comes roaring online

The first teaser for Marvel's BLACK PANTHER from director Ryan Coogler has just roared online and it's got all the makings of another entertaining romp from the comic book studio. We got a look at the poster earlier today (with mixed reactions), but the trailer has a great vibe to it and this looks to be a really nice change of pace in terms of style, location and characters...
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All hail king T'Challa in Black Panther poster; First teaser coming tonight

Within the next 11 months alone there will be four – count em, four – Marvel movies coming to theaters. That’s a lot of people in spandex fighting other people in spandex, but only one movie is planning on being the king on them all – BLACK PANTHER. The solo movie around the new king of Wakanda, T’Challa ( Chadwick Boseman ) just put out a new poster for...
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Forest Whitaker to star in apocalyptic thriller How It Ends

It's been announced today that Oscar winning actor Forest Whitaker will star in director David M.Rosenthal's apocalyptic thriller entitled HOW IT ENDS. Written by Brooks McLaren, the project centers on a mysterious apocalyptic event that turns the roads into mayhem, and a young father who will stop at nothing to get home to his pregnant wife on the other side of the...
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