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Return to dystopia in this official concept art for Blade Runner 2

Denis Villeneuve (SICARIO) is bringing the sequel to BLADE RUNNER to life, which sees the return of Harrison Ford . He'll be joined by the likes of Ryan Gosling , Ana de Armas Robin Wright , and Dave Bautista , among others. While the plot is still under wraps, we do know the story will take place decades after the first film. Entertainment Weekly has been delivering some...
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Ryan Gosling on The Nice Guys and his excitement for Blade Runner 2

I'm looking forward to Shane Black 's THE NICE GUYS almost more than any other film this year. Throwing together Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling in 1970's Los Angeles and filling it to the brim with dark humour and murder mystery? Hell yeah! Billed as a " spiritual sequel " to Black's excellent KISS KISS BANG BANG, the upcoming film stars Ryan Gosling...
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Sylvia Hoeks lands a leading role in Denis Villeneuve's Blade Runner sequel

It's been announced that Sylvia Hoeks has been cast in a leading role in Denis Villeneuve 's BLADE RUNNER sequel. The Dutch actress and model will star alongside Harrison Ford , Ryan Gosling , Robin Wright , Dave Bautista and Ana de Armas in the follow-up to Ridley Scott 's sci-fi classic, and in a statement Alcon’s Broderick Johnson and Andrew Kosove...
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Ana de Armas joins the cast of Denis Villeneuve's Blade Runner sequel

The mere idea of a sequel to Ridley Scott 's BLADE RUNNER should have me rolling my eyes so hard that I'm dreaming of unicorns, but Warner Bros. has seemingly done everything they can to get me on-board with the project, and get me on-board they have; Harrison Ford returning as Rick Deckard alongside a new cast which includes Ryan Gosling , Robin Wright , Dave Bautista ,...
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Update: Dave Bautista joins Denis Villeneuve's Blade Runner sequel

UPDATE: It's official. Bautista's casting has been confirmed via official press release from Alcon Entertainment. Welcome aboard, Dave! It looks like Dave Bautista may have landed a role in director Denis Villeneuve 's BLADE RUNNER sequel! The SPECTRE and GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY star teased his involvement with the project over the weekend on his social...
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Ridley Scott describes the opening of Blade Runner 2

While some directors follow the J.J. Abrams school of thought when it comes to revealing any information about their films, others, like Ridley Scott , will simply lay out entire scenes if you ask them. A sequel to Ridley Scott 's BLADE RUNNER is in the works from SICARIO director Denis Villeneuve , but Scott is still very much involved in the process. The director spoke at the...
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Roger Deakins says Blade Runner sequel will probably be converted to 3D

Jeff Bridges recently had a conversation with Roger Deakins for Interview Magazine, and after the actor asked Deakins if he has or ever would shoot in 3D, the famed cinematographer revealed that Denis Villeneuve 's BLADE RUNNER sequel will likely be converted to 3D. No, I won't. I've been offered it. I just don't want to. I think I'm gonna do this film with...
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Ridley Scott talks Blade Runner 2, Replicants, and Prometheus sequels

It's gratifying to see that Ridley Scott 's THE MARTIAN has been receiving more praise than his last few films have, but the director won't be spending too much time celebrating as he's got two fairly large projects just over the horizon; a sequel to PROMETHEUS and a sequel to BLADE RUNNER, the latter of which will be directed by Denis Villeneuve . Despite not...
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Roger Deakins talks Blade Runner sequel; will treat it as a separate film

Ridley Scott 's sci-fi masterpiece BLADE RUNNER has never needed a sequel, so when the first rumblings of a continuation to the classic film emerged it was completely understandable for fans to raise a questioning eyebrow and wonder just what the heck Ridley Scott was thinking. As the project has developed and assembled a great creative team which includes director Denis...
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Ridley Scott reveals what Harrison Ford thinks of the Blade Runner 2 script

While busy making the press rounds for his latest release EXODUS: GODS AND KINGS , director Ridley Scott revealed some interesting information when it comes to the sequel to BLADE RUNNER and a few words on PROMETHEUS 2. Last month we heard that the Scott would not be sitting in the director’s chair for the BLADE RUNNER sequel and instead he would be acting as a producer....
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Ridley Scott talks Blade Runner and Prometheus sequels

One of the busiest directors working today doesn’t have a superhero or tween vampire movie under his belt; instead, Ridley Scott has a long list of classic movies spanning over five decades which he continues to add to. He also has a long list of movies he talks about making or hopes he can make; swings and roundabouts I suppose. He’s busy on this next effort EXODUS: GODS...
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Horrible news of the day: Katy Perry is interested in playing Rachael in Blade Runner 2

Pop star Katy Perry is out promoting THE SMURFS 2 (she does the voice of Smurfette), but the singer is interested in live-action roles as well and in an interview with The Metro she drops this bit of information on our heads that is sure to make some fans of BLADE RUNNER blow a mental gasket: With films, I hope to win you all over with animation and then do other films. I am...
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