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Top 5 Movie Mistakes - Transformers (video)

With Michael Bay 's explosive (it was there, I took it) run directing the live action Transformers series seemingly coming to a close this year, as always on Top 5 Movie Mistakes, we look back. To the beginning of the hugely successful and heatedly discussed franchise, with 2007's TRANSFORMERS . While the most recent installment in the series looks to be showcasing potential...
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C'mon Hollywood: Why blockbusters are just as "artful" as arthouse films

I’m aware that title is probably a bit more incendiary than I intended. Upfront I want to say I love arthouse films. Hell, HOLY MOUNTAIN, 8 1/2 , and CLERGYMAN AND THE SEASHELL are some of my favorite films of all time. What’s great about these types of films, is that they experiment and test the boundaries of what film is capable of. Sometimes this is accomplished through...
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Face-Off: Godzilla (2014) vs. King Kong (2005)

Welcome back to the Face-Off, everyone! Did you remember to set your clocks forward? Good, then that means you were probably able to catch KONG: SKULL ISLAND at an appropriate time. If so then you’re still probably craving some good giant monster carnage. This week we will offer you just that with our latest bout, the 2014 GODZILLA versus the 2005 KING KONG . Screw the eighth wonder of the...
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R.I.P. Blockbuster Video 1985-2014

As technology changes faster and faster than ever before, things we have gotten used to being a part of our daily lives are gone forever: rotary phones, tube televisions, rabbit ears, and now the video store. Blockbuster Video, the biggest chain of movie rental stores in America, will be closing it's final 300 physical locations as well as it's Netflix style mail service at the beginning...
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