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Jordan Peele's horror film Get Out reveals some new clips

I can't wait for Jordan Peele 's new horror film, GET OUT. Not only do I love the premise (guy meets girlfriend's family, then crazy shit happens), but I also love the subtext: even white liberals can be racist. Because almost every horror movie is about some form of anxiety, and a deeper meaning beyond the physical (zombies are a fear of losing individuality, slashers are...
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Mike Flanagan in talks to direct that new Halloween movie

Things are progressing rapidly for that new HALLOWEEN movie that word started spreading about late last night. John Carpenter is involved. Miramax, Trancas International Films and Blumhouse are partnering up to make this happen, and now a director is in talks to get behind the camera to take Michael Myers back into production. Mike Flanagan is in talks with Blumhouse to...
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Run and hide because The Purge 3 is officially happening

Hide your wife and hide your kids, there is going to be another installment in THE PURGE franchise. While I havenít seen THE PURGE: ANARCHY, I have heard a lot of good things about it. That being said, if youíre comparing it to the incredible waste that was the original movie then Iím sure itís watchable. One of the coolest concepts in years was drilled with so many plot holes and...
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Friedberg & Seltzer are back with Best Night Ever; red-band trailer is here

"There's a new movie from Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer " is second only to "I'm sorry, you have cancer" in the bad news department. The men responsible for gems like DATE MOVIE, MEET THE SPARTANS, DISASTER MOVIE and most recently THE STARVING GAMES (get it?!) continue to defy the laws of society and logic by getting funding for their insipid spoof "comedies". They are Public Enemy #1...
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