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Cool Videos: Rebecca Romijn introduces her latest product, the hand bra!

Boobs. We love them. And, probably, you love Rebecca Romijn 's boobs if you're a red-blooded male familiar with Mystique from X-MEN. So, naturally, you'll probably enjoy the new "product" from Romijn, which will never make you wish you were a pair of hands more. This new comedy short from Funny or Die as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a fun little riff, but really, let's be...
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Movie Jail: This week's defendant is...Halle Berry!

Welcome to Movie Jail, a facility like any other, only its inmates are Hollywood writers, directors, actors and producers. This column will serve as a Movie Jail trial. We will put one defendant on trial; lay out arguments for the Prosecution and Defense. And we leave it up to YOU, the reader, to decide whether the defendant is guilty of his or her crime....
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