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Set Visit: The Boxtrolls - Part One: Welcome to Cheesebridge

When the good word came down the wire that I was to visit the set of Laika's newest stop-motion animated feature film, THE BOXTROLLS, it felt as if I had just been given a golden ticket - one that would grant me an afternoon within the walls of the place I've come to refer to as the “Wonka Factory” of animation studios. Excited, I made my way across the United States...
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Brad Pitt producing and possibly starring in true historical drama IBM and the Holocaust?

Brad Pitt may be retiring from the acting side of things in the near-ish (and thereby kind of heartbreaking) future, but that isn't stopping the man from working up until the very last day - provided the clustercuss that is his WORLD WAR Z reshoot experience hasn't put him off filmmaking entirely, Pitt is set to produce and possibly star in IBM AND THE HOLOCAUST. A 2001 New York Times...
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Directing news double feature: Sherlock director for Untitled Max Landis Frankenstein project and David Slade's next flick

First up we have the untitled Frankenstein project from screenwriter Max Landis (CHRONICLE), once set to be directed by Shawn Levy (REAL STEEL) but now looking to Paul McGuigan (PUSH, LUCKY NUMBER SLEVIN) to take the reins.  McGuigan has done some stellar work in the last few years directing four of the six "Sherlock" episodes, and I imagine he'd bring a very fascinating blend of...
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