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Top 10 Worst Video Game Movies of All Time (video)

Video game movies are awful. Just...awful. Look, I know people might look at some and go, “Well this one is nowhere near as bad as this one and…um…this one had this girl in short shorts.” But that’s like comparing a McDonald’s burger, a tuna roll that’s been left on top of hot dumpster, and the piece of white dog poo in the gutter. It’s...
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Milla Jovovich announces delay on Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

The last we heard about RESIDENT EVIL 6, still currently titled RESIDENT EVIL: THE FINAL CHAPTER , director Paul W.S. Anderson was telling us that is was indeed the final entry in the franchise and that he wasn’t sure when they would start production. Well it turns out there were pretty darn close to getting things rolling soon as star Milla Jovovich revealed on her...
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Sharon Leal is a obsessed with the D in this trailer for Addicted

Have you filled your quota of neglectful-husband-drives-wife-to-have-affair-with-eccentric-European-who-threatens-to-destroy-the-marriage movies this year? If not, you're in luck! The trailer for Zane's adaptation to ADDICTED has hit to fill that void. See if you can contain yourself: Here's the synopsis: Everything appears to be perfect on the...
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Director Paul W.S. Anderson gives an update on Resident Evil 6

A couple of months ago it sounded like the sixth and likely final (fingers crossed) RESIDENT EVIL movie was going to be titled RESIDENT EVIL: RISING, however in a new interview with Collider , director Paul W.S. Anderson says he is currently writing the script for the next film, and right now the working title is RESIDENT EVIL: THE FINAL CHAPTER . Resident Evil: The Final...
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Paul Anderson reveals the subtitle for sixth and final Resident Evil film

Many of you have probably written off the RESIDENT EVIL franchise as another garbage series that isn't worth your time. Paul W.S. Anderson has become, to many, the studio equivalent of Uwe Boll as he releases mediocre films that turn into franchise starters. Whether it be RESIDENT EVIL, ALIEN VS PREDATOR, or his most recent POMPEII, Anderson's movies are not high art but...
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Because you didn't ask for it, Paul W.S. Anderson is set to direct Resident Evil 6

I will always be thankful to Paul W.S. Anderson for bringing MORTAL KOMBAT to the big screen. I remember the first time I saw the trailer for that, and my little heart was filled with so much joy and carnage. It's one of the only video game adaptations that work, in my opinion. That's also a long drawn out conversation that I don't want to bore you with. We are talking about...
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DVD/Blu-ray release dates and details for Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 and Resident Evil: Retribution

So as it turns out, the release details on these two movies are a bit unbalanced in terms of content - for one we have the final DVD/Blu-ray art and a general description of what goodies the discs will contain, while for the other we have no art but plenty of specificity involving what goodies the discs will contain.  Hopefully we'll have updates soon enough for you on those elements...
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Review: Resident Evil: Retribution

PLOT: That slinky, immortal ass-kicking clone Alice is back doing what she does best: being a fly in the ointment of the evil Umbrella corporation. This time she has to battle her way out of an underwater facility, while old faces reemerge to either help her or try to end her life once and for all. REVIEW: The RESIDENT EVIL movies have been watchable time-killers at best;...
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Interview: Resident Evil Retribution star Milla Jovovich + a JimmyO cameo in the film!

If there was ever a good reason to be continually excited to see another RESIDENT EVIL flick, it would have to be because of Milla Jovovich. The actress is a stunning beauty with a ton of talent and one of the best female action heroes around. With the release of RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION, Ms. Jovovich once again brings Alice to life and in a nice twist to her character, she adds a...
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Interview: Resident Evil Retribution director Paul W.S. Anderson

Love him or hate him, Paul W.S. Anderson has remained faithful to his interpretation of RESIDENT EVIL and he continues to do so in the latest installment, RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION. The newest chapter feels more like the video game than the previous installments for many reasons, this is especially true as to how the “players” in the new film must conquer certain levels to free themselves...
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Interview: Resident Evil Retribution star Michelle Rodriguez

I couldn’t be happier to have Michelle Rodriguez back in the RESIDENT EVIL world as she returns for the upcoming RETRIBUTION. The actress always adds a fierce intensity to her tough as nails roles, yet this time around she gets to change things up. In the new film, you get to see a side of Michelle that is pretty unusual considering her past work. There is nothing not to like about...
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Comic Con 2012: Interview with Paul W.S. Anderson, Milla Jovovich & Michelle Rodriguez for Resident Evil Retribution

Call me crazy, but I enjoy the RESIDENT EVIL films. Not every single one has worked for me, yet when a new flick comes out I’m totally ready for another bloody zombie flick. Needless to say I was excited for the talent to come and talk about the new feature RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION. The best part of this new movie is that they are incorporating a few actors who didn’t quite make it in...
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