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2016 Universal Pictures Preview

Universal Pictures led the charge in 2015, raking in $2.4 billion at the domestic box office with mega champs like FURIOUS 7, JURASSIC WORLD, and yep, MINIONS. PITCH PERFECT 2, FIFTY SHADES OF GREY, and STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON were also big winners for the studio and although there are no sequels to any of those films in 2016, there's still plenty to choose from, with notables being Duncan...
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Face-Off: Matt Damon vs. Ben Affleck

Last week, Malcolm X proved more popular than Dirk Diggler , as you chose Denzel Washington over Mark Wahlberg. With Matt Damon’s sci-fi actioner ELYSIUM due out in theaters this Friday and Ben Affleck’s oh-so-quiet TO THE WONDER now out on DVD and Blu-ray, this week’s FACE-OFF pits the men against each other to see which of the Beantown BFFs you prefer.
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At one point, Matt Damon asked Jonathan Nolan to come up with some ideas for Bourne 4

When it came time to work on a fourth BOURNE film, there were some issues with the project. Initially in 2009 there was no script, but Matt Damon wanted to start filming in 2011. A couple of months later, Paul Greengrass dropped out of directing the BOURNE films, and with him Damon went. The actor then let everyone know that the next film would probably take place with another...
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