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Awfully Good: Silent Night

Silent Night (2012) Director: Steven C. Miller Stars: Jaime King, Malcom McDowell, Donal Logue Santa Claus is coming to town! To kill you with an axe. We've seen our fair share of killer Kris Kringle movies, from SANTA'S SLAY to CHRISTMAS EVIL. Hell, there was even BIKINI BLOODBATH CHRISTMAS. SILENT NIGHT—a loose remake of the 1984 cult...
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Trailer for horror remake Silent Night starring Malcolm McDowell and Jaime King brings the holiday fear!

Okay, well, that headline is an exaggeration.  This won't likely bring much fear, but potentially some good ol' cheesy horror fun.  SILENT NIGHT is a remake of the old-school horror flick SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT, in which a deranged maniac dressed as Santa Claus goes about slaughtering folks due to being abused at an orphanage.  It's unclear if the remake is following...
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