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Exclusive: Adrianne Palicki talks group sex in this Baby, Baby, Baby clip

When Sydney ( Brian Klugman ), a struggling actor meets Sunny ( Adrianne Palicki ), an artist, he thinks she might be "the one". Everything is great until they move in together. Sydney's jealousy and overactive imagination begin to get the better of him leading to a hilarious series of events. The following exclusive clip focuses on Adrianne Palicki 's character and...
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Review: The Words

PLOT: A struggling writer finds a powerful, unclaimed story in an attache case and takes it for his own, gaining instant notoriety and fortune. But the good times stop rolling once the story's real author comes forward and threatens to blow the writer's secret. REVIEW: In case that brief plot synopsis is misleading, let me first clarify: THE WORDS is not a thriller, despite...
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