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Kevin Smith plans to release his scripts for Mallrats 2 and Clerks 3

With the recent news that Kevin Smith is attached to write, direct and executive produce a series based on the Sam and Twitch comic book series , many are left wondering where that leaves the film scripts for MALLRATS 2 and CLERKS 3. Smith admittedly stated that one of the film's stars passed on the latter project, while no one else was interested in picking up a MALLRATS 2...
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Mallrats 2 title pays homage to the Brat Pack plus more casting news

An immense fire has been lit under Kevin Smith 's ass to make MALLRATS 2 and in the span of 2 months he's assembled the bulk of his cast, the first draft of his script and a title; MALLBRATS. Smith has stated before that the original film was set out to pay homage to John Hughes (SIXTEEN CANDLES, THE BREAKFAST CLUB) and it looks like that inspiration is still there, as the...
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Kevin Smith talks future films including Clerks III and possibly Mallrats 2

Update: Kevin Smith took to Rock 102 Mornings with Shmonty & Carolina earlier today to actually CONFIRM that MALLRATS 2 is on the docket. You can check out the whole interview here , but in his own words, he states, "Yeah, that's what we're working on. It's half a script right now and we're pulling our loot together. By the time we get to May 2016...
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Kevin Smith and Jeff Anderson talk Clerks 3; set to shoot in June

CLERKS 3 has been all over the place in terms of what medium it might end up on. From novel to stage play to . . . well, nothing at all. It seems it will find a home in theaters as writer/director Kevin Smith was finally able to procure a budget. Any fan of Smith knows that the man makes a serious living talking. A LOT. On the SModcast that he shares with producer Scott Mosier, guest...
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Kevin Smith gets financing for Clerks III

Earlier this year, Kevin Smith reported that the Weinsteins had passed on financing Smith's proposed budget of $6 million for Clerks III. Last year Smith had said that CLERKS III would be his last film venture, but that was all before a movement that asked podcast listeners to vote #WalrusYes. Now in the wake of TUSK, Smith took to his Hollywood Babble-On podcast to talk a...
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The Weinsteins have passed on financing Kevin Smith's Clerks 3

Kevin Smith and The Weinsteins have a long and storied relationship going back to Miramax releasing the original CLERKS back in 1994. Since then, almost all of Kevin Smith 's films have been financed and released by the various companies the Weinsteins have been a part of. That is, until now it seems. Smith told Screen Daily that after turning in the completed screenplay to...
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Kevin Smith has completed the first draft of Clerks III!

Not often do I come across any awesome tidbits on Instagram, but today was the exception. It seems that Kevin Smith has completed his first draft of CLERKS III. I was going to say "Snootchie Bootchies" then I just think of what Jay says in CHASING AMY: "'Snootchie-bootchies'. Who talks like that? That's baby-talk." Smith also posted the pic of the finished script on...
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Kevin Smith announces that Clerks III will be "the best movie I'll ever make"

The illustrious and infamous Kevin Smith took to the social media circuits today to share the news that his CLERKS III project will indeed be a film, rather than the previously reported book .  Smith apparently awoke this morning with the desire to put some words on paper and once he got going made the decision that it will not only be a film, but "the best movie I'll ever...
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Kevin Smith may release Clerks 3 as a novel instead of a movie

Kevin Smith has been touting the possibility of CLERKS III for a while now, most recently saying he wanted to retire after making it. But, things may have changed as the famed director has now stated CLERKS may continue in a wholly different format. Having been a movie, an animated series, and a comic book, what else is left for the saga of Randall, Dante, Jay, and Silent Bob? How...
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Kevin Smith announces Clerks III will be his final film as writer/director

Kevin Smith , as a director, has two halves to his career. Any of the films in which he has played Silent Bob I love. Everything is is incredibly hit or miss. I liked ZACK AND MIRI MAKE A PORNO and RED STATE was an interesting exercise, but nothing can compete with Jay and Silent Bob. Kevin Smith recently announced that his movie HIT SOMEBODY was going to be a television...
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