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Jared Leto will not star in Brilliance; good news for Doctor Strange fans?

Here's your daily dose of fanning the flames: Jared Leto has passed on the lead role in BRILLIANCE, lending creedence to rumors that he is a candidate for the title role in Scott Derrickson 's DOCTOR STRANGE. Leto won the Oscar earlier this year for DALLAS BUYERS CLUB which was also his first film in half a decade. Since the win, Leto's name has been bandied about like fellow winner...
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Jared Leto may take over lead in Brilliance from Will Smith

With his name being bandied about as a possible star in Marvel's DOCTOR STRANGE , Jared Leto has yet to select his follow-up to his Oscar-winning turn in DALLAS BUYERS CLUB. Leto may not want to get himself locked into the mega-contract that working for Marvel would entail, but that doesn't mean he is against appearing in any mainstream projects. Case in point, Legendary Pictures'...
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Noomi Rapace To Join Will Smith in Sci-fi Thriller Brilliance

Things are finally moving forward with the adaptation of the sci-fi thriller BRILLIANCE . Noomi Rapace is in talks to star opposite Will Smith in the movie which is now confirmed to be his next starring role . Scripted by David Koepp ( WAR OF THE WORLDS ), the film is based on the Marcus Sakey novel of the same name and takes place in a world where one percent of people are born...
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Will Smith to climb aboard adaptation of sci-fi thriller Brilliance

The not-so-fresh Prince, Will Smith , has been spinning his wheels in the last few years, playing it either safe or strange, with 2012's in-the-can MEN IN BLACK III and last summer's belly flop AFTER EARTH doing very little to make use of Smith's abilities. Now, the actor is looking at a new sci-fi jaunt with an adaptation of the sci-fi novel BRILLIANCE. Written by author...
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Legendary Pictures picks up the rights to the Marcus Sakey science fiction book Brilliance

Ready for some mutant action not related to X-Men? Deadline is reporting that Legendary Pictures has picked up the rights to the novel "Brilliance" by Marcus Sakey. Sakey has also written other books such as "The Blade Itself" and "Good People." Joe Roth and Palak Patel (OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL) from Roth Films are on board to produce the film. The book: Focuses on an...
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