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Why It Works: Collateral

Why It Works is an ongoing column which breaks down some of the most acclaimed films in history and explores what makes them so iconic, groundbreaking, and memorable. ****SPOILERS AHEAD**** While this column tends to examine movies with unusual premises and plot structures, there's something arguably more impressive about a film that seems fairly ordinary at a glance...
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Ride Along 3 gets the green light from Universal

Yep, you read that right. Some movies, no matter how poorly reviewed by critics, seem to click with audiences. The RIDE ALONG series with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube falls into that category, which despite harsh critic reviews has been able to rake-in plenty of dough at the box office.  The first was an unexpected success ($134 million domestic), and though the sequel made...
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Weekend Box Office Report: January 15-17, 2016

Ride Along 2 shoots to #1! Ice Cube and Kevin Hart 's crimefighting reunion snatched the crown from Kylo Ren this weekend to win the top spot as RIDE ALONG 2 opened with an estimated $34 million ! The PG-13 comedy sequel from director Tim Story couldn't match the start of his surprise hit original, which opened on this same weekend in 2014 to...
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Review: Ride Along 2

PLOT: Atlanta cop James Payton and his imminent brother-in-law Ben Barber travel to Miami to bust up a drug ring. Hilarity ensues. REVIEW: RIDE ALONG 2 is such a bummer to sit through. It's hardly even a movie, it's like a commercial for some obnoxious product that it should be ashamed of promoting. I genuinely thought it would be impossible for this sequel to sink...
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We talk to Ice Cube, Kevin Hart, Olivia Munn, and more for Ride Along 2!

This past week I had the pleasure of talking to the cast and crew of RIDE ALONG 2 in Miami, where the sequel takes place. Stars Ice Cube , Kevin Hart , Olivia Munn , Ken Jeong , Tika Sumpter , Benjamin Bratt , as well as director Tim Story and producer Will Packer all gave some insight into the film, which picks up where the original left off, finding Ice Cube...
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Cool Videos: Kevin Hart & Ice Cube take Conan O'Brien on another ride along

Even though he may not be a part of one of the major networks anymore, Conan O'Brien still kills it on a regular basis from his home on TBS. He has a great comedic mind, and, as a result, keeps generating quality skits that he can add to her repertoire. A couple of years ago, Conan shared a Lyft with Ice Cube and Kevin Hart to ride around Hollywood and basically poke fun of...
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Ride Along 2 trailer looks a lot like Ride Along

After the Ice Cube - Kevin Hart buddy cop flick RIDE ALONG turned out to be a surprise hit for Universal last year, you knew a sequel was on the way. This January, it's here, and, by the looks of the first trailer for RIDE ALONG 2, it's more of the same. Basically, if you got laughs from the first movie, you'll probably find some here, as Universal isn't reinventing the wheel....
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Luke Wilson is also hopping on the Legally Blonde 3 bandwagon

This LEGALLY BLONDE 3 idea is really starting to gain some steam, isn't it? Granted, it's still a few people talking and pontificating about the possibilities, but that's how these projects come together quickly. People start chatting, then fans start demanding and then the studio starts making. It's very grassroots in that regard, and feeds into the idea that movie...
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Reese Witherspoon would be down to do Legally Blonde 3

It's no secret that studios are mining their property archives like mad in the hopes of reviving something that people liked once upon a time. If it worked then, maybe it could work again now, with the nosalgia factor being a big key in hopefully luring back that once-game audience. So why wouldn't LEGALLY BLONDE 3 be a possibility? The first two movies worked well enough for fans...
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Ice Cube and Kevin Hart go undercover in the trailer for Ride Along 2

RIDE ALONG followed security guard Ben ( Kevin Hart ) who, in an effort to prove himself to his girlfriend's brother James ( Ice Cube ), went on a 24-hour ride-along in Atlanta. The next chapter in their story is almost upon us, as the two are back to go undercover with Miami officer, Maya Cruz ( Olivia Munn ), in order to stop some nefarious people from...nefariating.. Will Ice...
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Exclusive Cool Video: Top 10 Characters Out For Revenge

When you think about revenge movies, you may think of all three TAKEN films. Or maybe you are more into the cult-themed flicks and are reminded of Uma Thurman in KILL BILL or Brandon Lee in THE CROW. Or, you could go all the way back to the immortal Charles Bronson in DEATH WISH. Whatever your favorite, revenge movies have a special place in Hollywood. From the schlocky to the Oscar...
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Review: Run All Night

PLOT: An alcoholic hitman ( Liam Neeson ) is forced to kill his beloved employer's ( Ed Harris ) son in order to protect his own estranged offspring ( Joel Kinnaman ). Now, father and son are forced to spend Christmas eve dodging assassins and and dirty cops, with the two being marked for death by every gangster in the city. REVIEW: It's still hard for me to think of...
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