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Review: Kill Me Three Times

PLOT: A professional hit-man tries to track down a hired kill, but finds he is not alone in his attempts. Things get far more complicated for the professional as he finds himself in the midst of a web of betrayal, lies and greed. REVIEW: The new dark comedy KILL ME THREE TIMES has one hell of a good ensemble of actors. It also features what could have been an inspired tale of...
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Bloody great red band trailer for Kill Me Three Times starring Simon Pegg

Back in December we shared a pretty fun trailer for the action comedy KILL ME THREE TIMES starring the one and only Simon Pegg . It’s with great pleasure that we now provide you with an even better that has the always acceptable red band around it. It’s a black comedy in a lot of ways and looks to offer a lot of great, albeit somewhat ridiculous, action. I don't think...
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Simon Pegg is an assassin for hire in the trailer for Kill Me Three Times

Who doesn't love Simon Pegg ? Whether he is playing with the big boys in MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE or STAR TREK, Pegg has always brought something special and unique to tons of films like HECTOR AND THE SEARCH FOR HAPPINESS, THE BOXTROLLS, and his three films with Nick Frost and Edgar Wright . His latest film, KILL ME THREE TIMES, puts the British actor into a role we have never seen...
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Check out Simon Pegg as a hitman in this first image from Kill Me Three Times

Every now and then a movie slips by me and I think, "How the hell did I not hear about this?" Example: KILL ME THREE TIMES. It stars Simon Pegg , and I feel embarrassed that I haven't read anything about this film until now. THR (via Indiewire ) has released the first image from the movie, featuring Pegg as a mustached hitman, holding a rifle. Is it badass, you ask? Of...
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