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NY Comic Con: Best of Cosplay gallery!

Make no mistake, New York City Comic Con is a breeding ground for all manner of shenanigans. You never know who you might run into. Hell, you'll most likely bump into at least 100 Batmans while you're there. That's because comic conventions are notorious for drawing out the Cosplay crowd. Cosplayers are part of a culture that is known for its vast creativity and devotion to the art of...
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Comic Con: Top 10 Hottest Costumes

Anyone who roams the floors of San Diego Comic-Con knows that there's a lot more to look at than toys, posters and booths. I'm talking about the ladies. Specifically, the ladies who are dressed in elaborate costumes inspired by their favorite comic books/movies/TV shows. The work they put into these outfits is impressive, to say the least, and all you need to do is look at the group of...
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