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Neill Blomkamp owns up to Elysium's shortcomings

Despite the fact that writer/director Neill Blomkamp 's latest movie, CHAPPIE, hits theaters next Friday, folks can't stop talking about his upcoming take on the ALIEN franchise . Not that I blame them, but recently Blomkamp spoke out about his previous films, and in particular, ELYSIUM. ELYSIUM didn't get terrible reviews across the board, but I'd be lying if I said...
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Top 10 Movie Trailers of 2013

Movie Trailers serve a singular purpose: to convince you to sit your ass in a dark room and be transported to another time, place, or existence. With the Director at the helm and the cast and crew taking us on a voyage, the trailer is that which convinces us to invest our hard earned time and money to go on their cinematic journey. Some trailers oversell the movie and leave the final product...
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C'mon Hollywood: Tighten up your science fiction characters (and logic)!

SPOILER WARNING: Details of this year’s OBLIVION , PACIFIC RIM, and ELYSIUM will be discussed here. Proceed at your own peril (this includes images). Last year, a little movie called PROMETHEUS came out, an anxiously anticipated sci-fi prequel to the ALIEN franchise, directed by Ridley Scott . Fans rabidly awaited its release, and when it finally arrived, they were...
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The JoBlo Sunday Night Movie Chat: Elysium

It's hard to believe that the summer blockbuster season is nearing it's end. Whether you've loved or hated the movies that have come out this year, there's been a lot to talk about. This week, we're going to chat about one of the last big movies of the summer. It just so happens it is one of the movies that many of us have been anticipating very heavily. I'm talking about...
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Neill Blomkamp adds Marvel and DC superheroes to his list of projects he will probably never direct

Neill Blomkamp often tops lists of directors fans dream of tackling projects featuring superheroes or classic science fiction icons. And who can blame them? With DISTRICT 9 blowing us away and ELYSIUM looking damn good, too, why wouldn't you want a guy this talented to tackle a dream project? Blomkamp, unfortunately, is not interested in helming STAR WARS or STAR TREK and...
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New red-band clip from Elysium and watch Matt Damon ask a girl out for dinner

A couple of new clips for you this morning from ELYSIUM. Neill Blomkamp 's highly anticipated follow-up to DISTRICT 9 is out in a couple of days, and it's going to be interesting to see how well it plays in theaters. Internet buzz has been strong but that's never a guarantee (PACIFIC RIM anyone?), and the sci-fi film will be competing with three other new releases for...
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More from Elysium director Neill Blomkamp on the failed Halo movie

Last month Neill Blomkamp talked a little about his future films and why the HALO film was canned, but a new interview with Hero Complex has the director opening up a bit more about the failed project. Some may have though Neil Blomkamp was a little too honest harsh about why HALO failed in the previous interview, but in this new one the director says that not doing HALO was...
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Review: Elysium

PLOT: In the year 2154, the wealthy have made a new home on a spectacular space-station called Elysium. There, the very, very rich can live a carefree life, in addition to one free of any health concerns, as each home is equipped with technology that can cure any disease, or heal any wound. Those who are left on Earth arenít so lucky. When an ex-con, Max DeCosta ( Matt Damon ) is...
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New extended trailer for Neill Blomkamp's Elysium features more Alice Braga and Sharlto Copley

Neill Blomkamp 's hotly anticipated ELYSIUM is only a week away, but the marketing blitz has one more big play to make with this new, extended trailer that reveals more Alice Braga and Sharlto Copley , as well as a peek at the munitions and "superpowers" that Matt Damon uses in the film. For those looking to steer clear of details, spoilers, etc., then I'd shy away...
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First action-packed clip from Elysium features Matt Damon in a gunbattle with robots

We've already seen one clip from Neill Blomkamp 's ELYSIUM of the chatty sort and today we have one that gives us a glimpse into the gritty, energetic action that the director is well known for. Matt Damon squares off against a robot owned by William Fichtner , who orders Damon "killed." However, the geared-up Damon has got some interesting firepower at his side...
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First clip from Neill Blomkamp's Elysium has Matt Damon pleading his case to a robot

Elysium, Neill Blomkamp 's follow up to DISTRICT 9 is set to hit theaters in just a few weeks, and today we have the first clip from the film, which pits Matt Damon against a robot, but not in the way you'd expect. After an altercation at a bus stop, Damon's character, a convicted felon, has to plead his case to a robot, who is in charge of dealing with Damon's case. It's a fun little...
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This Elysium poster from illustrator Martin Ansin is incredible

Yes, the poster is incredible. I have yet to see something come out of Mondo that I don't like. In the past I've taken to my soap box anytime a poster is involved with an article. Poster art is one that seems to have gotten lost in the digital age, and artists that pair with Mondo like Martin Ansin are dedicated to keeping it alive. That said, this artwork for the ELYSIUM poster...
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