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Trailer released for upcoming Animal Crackers CG animated movie

First FOOD FIGHT!, THE EMOJI MOVIE, and now this? A goddamn ANIMAL CRACKERS movie? What depths will Hollywood sink to? What's next, CHEEZ-ITS the movie, starring Ryan Reynolds as a cracker who has to go on a journey of -- actually that doesn't sound like a bad idea. Or maybe I'm just hungry. However, at the same time, THE LEGO MOVIE is just as crass and commercial...
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It director Andy Muschietti to helm an adaptation of Robotech for Sony

In case the promise of PACIFIC RIM 2 isn't enough to scratch your itch for big-screen mechanized robot combat, it's been announced that Andy Muschietti, the director of the highly-anticipated remake of Stephen King 's IT, will follow-up his killer clown nightmare fuel with an adaptation of Sony's ROBOTECH. Muschietti’s creative partner...
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Teaser for Disney XD's animated Spider-Man swings in

So yet another SPIDER-MAN animated series is on its way, which this one seems to be cribbing some aesthetics from the recent SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING costume (namely his make-shift costume). However, with clips of him swinging around in his regular SPIDER-MAN costume, I'm not sure how long he'll have that suit though (which at this point is really the only thing separating it)....
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E3 trailer unveils '30s cartoon-inspired game Cuphead

Oh my God, I can't believe CUPHEAD is finally coming out! I've been following the development of this one for years! For one, the game looks gorgeous , as it completely recreates the feel of those old-timey cartoons from '20s and '30s (right down to the film flicker and fuzzy projection). The designs are great too (especially for the various bosses), as it really helps...
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Spongebob Squarepants musical is coming to Broadway!

Yes, you read that headline right (unless you didn't read it and just click on links randomly), there is indeed going to be a SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS musical hitting Broadway. Even more interesting than that fact (if you can believe it) is the eclectic mix of bands and musicians who contributed to the soundtrack, including Steven Tyler and Joe Perry (of Aerosmith), John Legend, Sara...
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The Warner Brothers - and sister Dot - are coming back in Animaniacs reboot!

So I've gotten the ANIMANIACS theme song stuck in my head since hearing this news, because like many of you, this was an important part of my childhood. Who could forget " Helloooo Nurse ", or Yakko's World Song , or the debut of PINKY AND THE BRAIN? When animation was at an all-time low, shows like ANIMANIACS helped usher in a new Golden Age of children's...
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Race smarter in Pixar's final Cars 3 trailer

You know, I don't hate the first CARS. It isn't great (and is basically DOC HOLLYWOOD with sentient cars - and yes, I'm the first person to ever make that comparison, no need to Google), but it had George Carlin , Cheech Marin , and a soulful performance by Paul Newman , and was also just a fun, light romp. I mean, there are some disturbing questions (where are the...
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Star Wars: Rebels force unleashes trailer for fourth and final season

Well, that was short-lived. Looks like more STAR WARS news on the way. Yay. This time it's the release of the trailer for STAR WARS: REBELS' fourth and final season. What's weird is that, while it's a show I never watched a single second of, I already kind of miss it. I think it could just be the time period - something bad has to happen to at least some (if not most) of the...
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New DC animated superhero film Teen Titans The Judas Contract on its way

DC animation has generally been more successful at translating the look and feel of the comics than most live-action attempts have (which is a trend that started way back with BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES and MASK OF THE PHANTASM). Part of that is the fact that animation is just inherently closer to the art of comic-books than live-action is, but it's also the willingness to be...
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Cool Videos: Why cartoon characters wear gloves

Animation is a fascinating medium that continues to grow and change with the times. From your traditional 2-dimensional drawings to something built in a computer, animation allows filmmakers to explore territories not covered in live-action. Any way you slice it, animated films take A LOT of time, and one interesting aspect you may not have thought about is why a lot of classic cartoon...
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Wu-cha! The new season of Samurai Jack finally has a release date

Awwwww yeah! The good word has come in today that SAMURAI JACK will return to Adult Swim for its fifth season beginning on March 5, 2017 ! The news comes via one of Adult Swim’s classic promotional bumps (I think it’s kind of amazing that Adult Swim is still running the black and white promos after all these years), after a fan asked what the heck was going on...
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Voltron: Legendary Defender takes the form of an exciting Season 2 trailer

Without a doubt, one of the strongest debuts for an animated series, last year, was Dreamworks Animations and World Event Production’s VOLTRON: LEGENDARY DEFENDERS! Animated by Studio Mir, and spearheaded by Lauren Montgomery and Joaquim Dos Santos of AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER and THE LEGEND OF KORRA fame, the first season of the nostalgia-heavy robot lion-themed animated...
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