This Week in Blu-ray / DVD Releases: Don Jon, CBGB, Love Marilyn ...

This week: The year ends with Joseph Gordon-Levitt spanking it. ► Joseph Gordon-Levitt wrote and directed DON JON , the totally plausible tale of a guy who scores Scarlett Johansson but still prefers online porn. When Scarlett disapproves, his back-up is Julianne Moore. Levitt doesn’t just cut...
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Are you ready to rock? Check out the trailer for CBGB starring Alan Rickman

What do the films ROCK OF AGES and CBGB share in common aside from a story about rock and roll and the inclusion of Malin Akerman ? Not much. Where ROCK OF AGES was a musical that was painful to sit through, CBGB looks like a well made ode to rock n' roll featuring a damn fine cast. CBGB stars Alan Rickman as Hilly Krystal, the man who opened the iconic hotspot that showcased a...
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New poster double feature: Oblivion and CBGB

There's a couple of new posters out for two completely different films. First up there's a new IMAX poster for OBLIVION that has a very lonely looking Tom Cruise looking off into the distance. Everything I've seen for OBLIVION so far has a very sleek and clean look to it and this new poster is no different. I'm still not sold on the film but I am intrigued by the story and visuals so...
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