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Guillermo Del Toro has Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark on hia agenda

Guillermo Del Toro isn't the type of filmmaker to sit around and wait for projects to come to him. If what he wants to do isn't coming together quickly enough, he'll go out and develop something else... and that's primarily what he's doing right now as he tries to make heads or tails out of what might happen with PACIFIC RIM 2 and waits to sign his name to contract to direct FANTASTIC...
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Saw screenwriters to adapt children's horror books Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

Many of my fellow 80s kids are about to have their childhood nightmares brought to life as CBS Films will be bringing a movie version of the SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK books to the big screen. The Alvin Schwartz books are being adapted by SAW and FEAST screenwriters Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan . There is no word on directors or cast at this point, but the film will take...
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