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Face-Off: John Matrix vs. John Rambo

Last week's Face-Off featured the two badass characters of Black Dynamite and Machete Cortez with the former winning the battle handily. Cortez was dealt a double blow as his film MACHETE KILLS sank at the box office. With the Schwarzenegger/Stallone prison break movie ESCAPE PLAN opening in theaters this weekend, we decided to have this week’s face-off revolve around the two...
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Awfully Good: Steel

Before there was Iron Man, there was... Steel (1997) Director: Kenneth Johnson Stars: Shaquille O'Neal , Annabeth Gish , Judd Nelson When a brilliant weapons designer learns that his tools of mass destruction have fallen in to the wrong hands—those of a former co-worker he thought he could trust—he has no choice but to create a...
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