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Jim Carrey set to star in thriller True Crimes for Miss Violence director

A couple of years ago, Christoph Waltz was in talks for the lead role in TRUE CRIMES, a film inspired by David Grann’s 2008 New Yorker article about the murder of advertising company manager Dariusz Janiszewski, but now Screen International has learned that Jim Carrey has been cast as the lead. Carrey will star alongside Agata Kulesza (IDA), Charlotte Gainsbourg...
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William Fichtner joins Independence Day 2; two more sequels planned

While William Fichtner doesn't get to receive top billing as often as I'd like, the man can always be counted upon to provide solid and memorable supporting roles. Deadline reports that Fichtner's next role is one that could expand greatly; he's set to join the ever-growing cast of the sequel to INDEPENDENCE DAY in the role of a top general. Welcoming...
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Jeff Goldblum is back to battle aliens in first Independence Day 2 set photo

Producer/writer Dean Devlin recently shared the first INDEPENDENCE DAY 2 set pic, and while it doesn't contain any aliens, it does feature returning cast member Jeff Goldblum , which is good enough for me. Goldblum will reprise his INDEPENDENCE DAY role in the sequel for director Roland Emmerich , as well as Judd Hirsch (David's dad Julius) Bill Pullman (now former POTUS...
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Vivica Fox to return for Roland Emmerich's Independence Day sequel

Early this morning director Roland Emmerich announced on Twitter that Vivica Fox will return as Jasmine in the INDEPENDENCE DAY sequel, joining Liam Hemsworth , Jessie Usher, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Fox's ID4 co-star Jeff Goldblum . Later Fox tweeted she's "so exited and blessed to be part of this journey again." Somehow I doubt Fox's character will...
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A Nymphomaniac boards the ever growing cast of Independence Day 2

The cast of INDEPENENCE DAY 2 is growing as THR has reported that NYMPHOMANIAC star Charlotte Gainsbourg is in talks to join the sci-fi action flick. Gainsbourg has appeared in three of Danish director Lars von Trier ’s films; ANTICHRIST , MELANCHOLIA , and NYMPHOMANIAC , but I’m a bit more familiar with her work in 21 GRAMS and THE SCIENCE OF SLEEP . Joining...
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Director Lars von Trier questions his career now that he's clean

Lars von Trier has a style that has to be seen to be . . . appreciated? It's definitely unique, to say the least, as the man doesn't shy away from the graphic, grotesque or anything else of an explicit nature. The filmmaker most notably took on the ambitious two-parter, NYMPHOMANIAC, of which his 5 and a half hour cut has now found it's way to Blu-ray . So what's next...
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The five and a half hour director's cut of Nymphomaniac hits in October

If you saw Lars von Trier's NYMPHOMANIAC: VOL. I and Vol. II earlier this year, you might be interested in the NYMPHOMANIAC Extended Director's Cut officially headed to theaters and VOD internationally. The cut will be released on VOD on October 2, 2014 “at special festival events across North America, as well as in several European countries including Spain, the...
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This teaser for the Nymphomaniac director's cut is way beyond NSFW

By now, most of you on this site have heard of Lars Von Trier's NYMPHOMANIAC. For a while, the film starring Uma Thurman , Willem Dafoe , Shia LaBeouf , Charlotte Gainsbourg , Christian Slater , and many others was set to be released in a hardcore and a softcore version. Instead, we got a two volume release that was chock full of sexual deviancy. Now, get ready for something much,...
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Nymphomaniac director Lars Von Trier scripting a horror movie set in Detroit

Lars Von Trier is already prepping his next film but one he will only work on in a screenwriter and producing capacity. Von Trier is currently in Cannes promoting THE SALVATION with director Kristian Levring with whom he will reteam on a horror movie set in Detroit. The Hollywood Reporter says the film will be creatively titled DETROIT but no further details were provided. Von...
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Review: Nymphomaniac: Volume II

PLOT: Picking up right where VOLUME I left off, an older Joe ( Charlotte Gainsbourg ) finds herself unable to orgasm regardless of how many people she has sex with. As a result, she starks seeking other avenues of sexual gratification, including orgies and sadomasochism , while neglecting her family. REVIEW: I don't think Lars von Trier's NYMPHOMANIAC can be looked at...
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Top 10 Most Sexually Disturbing Movies (NSFW Video Edition)

So, there is a little movie hitting theaters today called NYMPHOMANIAC that is supposedly one of the most sexually graphic films ever made. While you may say that makes it pornographic, nudity and sexual acts don't always equate to sexy. With that in mind, NYMPHOMANIAC is far from being the first graphic film to feature sex, but it could be one of the more unsettling. Here are our picks for...
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Review: Nymphomaniac Vol. 1

PLOT : After finding a woman beaten, bruised and lying in the street, an older gentleman helps her to his home. Finally safe from an unknown assailant, she convinces him to not call for the police. Instead she tells the stranger of her long and complicated sexual history. And this is only volume one. REVIEW : In the new film from the provocative filmmaker Lars von Trier, an older...
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