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David Hasselhoff wants to do a gritty, R-rated Knight Rider film like Logan

Being born too late, I never got into 80s kitsch shows like MANIMAL or KNIGHT RIDER, and only know them through cultural osmosis and parodies . But that doesn't mean the ideas can't come back and be reworked for modern audiences. I mean, it crashed and burned when they tried that ten years ago , but third time's a charm right? That's what original star David...
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SyFy is already eyeing a sequel to last night's surprise hit Sharknado

For those of you who watched SHARKNADO last night on SyFy, you know how f*cking terrible it was. In fact, it was so bad that it was actually good. I mean, director Anthony Ferrante already called the movie a $100 million screenplay made for the budget of the craft service table on THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. The movie is not the first shitty movie like this from SyFy or producers The...
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Are you ready for Manimal: The Movie?

Well, I didn't see this coming. The latest television series to get the big screen treatment will be...MANIMAL? MANIMAL was an NBC series from the 80s that was cancelled after only eight episodes. The show followed Dr Jonathan Chase, a shape-shifter who could turn himself into any animal he chose, and used this ability to help fight crime. Only two people were aware of Jonathan's...
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