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Review: Child of God

PLOT: After losing his land to the bank, already-unhinged Lester Ballard retreats to the woods and hills of 1960's Tennessee where he proceeds to shed his last vestiges of civilized behavior and sanity. REVIEW: I'll give a measure of credit to James Franco : he's not afraid to tackle the impossible. Last year he attempted to bring William Faulkner's internal novel AS I LAY DYING to...
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Check out the new terrifying trailer for James Franco's Child of God

The latest trailer for James Franco ’s adaptation of the Cormac McCarthy novel CHILD OF GOD has landed. If you’re looking for a bold adaptation of the great authors work, look no further than what James Franco has pulled off here. When he wasn't goofing around appearing in his friends movies (although we all appreciate that), Franco was able to become something of...
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First full trailer for the James Franco-helmed adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's Child of God

I am very interested in checking out James Franco 's CHILD OF GOD. The teaser gave us a glimpse at the Cormac McCarthy adaptation, and now a full trailer has been released. The way the trailer was cut makes the film seem like it's a horror movie, which isn't that big of stretch considering the gruesome and twisted actions committed by Scott Haze 's Lester Ballard...
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