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Why I Love Movies - Chapter I

Why do I love movies? Well, that is a loaded question. How much time do you have? I could go into a long-winded diatribe about the art of film-making or the magic of the movies, but all of that has been said countless times before. Not every movie is a masterpiece, but every film has touched me in one way or another. Every other week, we will look at a handful of reasons why movies...
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The Ten Spot: Scariest Non-Horror Movie Moments

Not all scary moments occur in horror movies. Plenty show up in comedies, family films, dramas, and documentaries. This list compiles ten movie scenes that scared me as a kid and as an adult from non-horror films. Go ahead and call be a punk ass bitch if you didn't think these were frightening and feel free to share your favorite non-horror scares in the talk back below. WARNING: Some of...
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