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Helen Mirren will return to the Fast & Furious series under one condition

While super humans Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham have become valuable assets to the FAST AND THE FURIOUS ensemble, FATE OF THE FURIOUS got a serious thespian boost when Oscar-winners Charlize Theron and Helen Mirren signed on. Though Theron is unlikely to return to the series, Mirren recently talked about how she’s more than willing to return for more movies, only if...
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While a large part of my job is spent hovering behind the warm glow of a computer screen, every so often I get unshackled from this ungodly machine and jetset to somewhere cool and interesting. So, when you're invited to check out the Cuban locales used for THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS it's a welcome respite from the day-to-day and a unique opportunity in itself (as well as a great...
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F. Gary Gray considered using a CGI Paul Walker for The Fate of the Furious

Paul Walker tragically died in a car accident while on break from the filming of FURIOUS 7. The project went on hiatus while they figured out what to do about the remainder of the film, and ultimately it was decided that production would resume and the sequences which Paul Walker had already completed would be kept. Paul Walker 's brothers, Caleb and Cody, stepped in help...
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Vin Diesel & F. Gary Gray respond to Michelle Rodriguez's furious criticisms

Last week Michelle Rodriguez directed some criticism towards the FAST & FURIOUS franchise in regards to its treatment of women, saying that she hopes that " they decide to show some love to the women of the franchise on the next one. Or I just might have to say goodbye to a loved franchise. " There's no denying that the franchise is fueled by a fair amount of...
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Weekend Box Office Report: April 28-30, 2017

Fate of the Furious spins its wheels in first! Explosive automotive excitement stayed in the top spot for a third weekend, keeping THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS at number one with an estimated $19.3 million ! As we head toward the official kickoff of the summer movie season, the eighth adventure of Vin Diesel 's car crew nears $200 million domestic as it...
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Weekend Box Office Report: April 21-23, 2017

Fate of the Furious in first again! Vin Diesel 's vehicular family remained the biggest attraction at the box office this weekend, keeping THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS ahead of the competition with an estimated $38.6 million ! The eighth chapter of the franchise hit the brakes by 60% from its opening last week for a ten-day domestic total of $163.5 million...
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Dwayne Johnson & Jason Statham may shift gears for a Fast & Furious spinoff

Earlier this week, THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS producer Neil Moritz stated that there is indeed an endgame planned for the cars, muscles, and money franchise with at least two more sequels on the way . As a result of that news, many of us rolled our eyes and thought, "Yeah right. Let's be real, okay? You'll stop making these movies when people stop paying to see them...
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Weekend Box Office Report: April 14-16, 2017

A Furious opening! Audiences were interested in spending Easter weekend with family -- specifically Vin Diesel 's car-obsessed clan, putting THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS in first place with an estimated opening of $100.1 million ! The eighth entry in the franchise of velocity and ferocity accelerated off the line slower than the $147 million domestic...
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Review: The Fate of the Furious

PLOT: Dom’s ( Vin Diesel ) honeymoon with Letty ( Michelle Rodriguez ) is interrupted by a cyber-terrorist, Cipher ( Charlize Theron ), who blackmails him into double-crossing Hobbs (Dwayne “ The Rock ” Johnson) and the rest of his team during a job. Now seemingly a rogue terrorist, the team re-groups in order to capture their former leader, even if they have to...
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Vin Diesel is Kinda Crazy (video)

It is almost as if this man was born to be an action star. He is fast, he is furious, he is Vin Diesel . Deep inside Vin Diesel 's shinning bald head is nothing but crazy, but a little bit of crazy is all some people need to succeed in life. This young breakdancer got his start in the independent film circuit and made waves at all the major film festivals around the world. The man...
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We talk Fast Cars, Furious Action & F8 with director F. Gary Gray!

It’s amazing to see THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS grow into this juggernaut of a franchise. A small street racing flick is now one of the most popular series of feature films to date, and they keep getting even more crazy. With the latest,F8 or THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS, they once again take this to the extreme with one of the wildest final sequences yet. A freaking submarine!?!...
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Vin Diesel lays the rumors of his beef with Dwayne Johnson to rest

It's a given that some squabbles are bound to happen between co-stars when working on a film franchise for over 16 years. Granted, Dwayne Johnson only joined THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS franchise in 2011 with the property's fifth installment, FAST FIVE, but last year, it appeared as if the brakes had ben pumped by Johnson when he remarked that some of his unnamed male...
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