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Exclusive Interview: Before We Go Stars Chris Evans and Alice Eve!

In Chris Evans ' directorial debut BEFORE WE GO, the actor stars alongside Alice Eve . The two portray strangers who meet one night and eventually change each others lives. It is a charming tale, one that is quite refreshing especially considering we are used to Evans as CAPTAIN AMERICA. The actor - and now director - brings his usual charisma, while his co-star Eve once...
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Review: Before We Go

This was previously reviewed as part of our TIFF2014 coverage. PLOT: Two strangers ( Chris Evans & Alice Eve ) spend the night roaming around New York City after her purse is stolen, leaving them with no cash and plenty of time to kill before her 6 am train. REVIEW: Being a fan of Chris Evans , I went into BEFORE WE GO wanting to like it. In interviews he often...
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Luke Wilson joins Chris Evans and Michelle Monaghan in A Many Splintered Thing; production starts Saturday

I've had a soft spot for Luke Wilson ever since LEGALLY BLONDE . Something about his earnestness and charm wiggled its way into my heart back in the early years of the last decade, and somehow it has never quite left in the time since.  Hence why I'm actually looking forward to the fact that he has decided to join A MANY SPLINTERED THING. Once described by star Chris Evans as an...
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