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The first photos & official plot synopsis for Tomb Raider have come to light

Anyone who's played the famous Square Enix Tomb Raider series of games can attest to how much of a bad ass the Lara Croft character truly is. Whether she's somersault vaulting her way up the Himalayan Mountains, smashing priceless relics to dust in an Aztec sepulcher or warding off supernatural beasties with the use of a divine artifact, Lara Croft is without a doubt one of...
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Angelina Jolie is Kinda Crazy (video)

All creative people have a little bit of "crazy" buried somewhere inside them and Angelina Jolie is no different, except she doesn't try to hide it. Yep, her outrageous actions on the red carpet have sure left a mark on what some call "pop culture", but she is much more than that. Not only is Angelina Jolie a terrific award winning method actress, she is also...
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Norwegian filmmaker Roar Uthaug set to direct Tomb Raider reboot

According to THR , Norwegian director Roar Uthaug (ESCAPE, MAGIC SILVER) has been tapped to helm the planned TOMB RAIDER film reboot from MGM, Warner Bros. and GK Films. Uthaug was most recently behind the camera for the disaster drama THE WAVE, and will make his English-language debut with the video game adaptation. Kathryn Bigelow , Catherine Hardwicke , and Mimi Leder...
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Cast This: Tomb Raider

It's that time again; we have another reboot with subsequent casting decisions on the way, thanks Hollywood! The TOMB RAIDER franchise is getting the treatment this time around, which has already spawned two movies based on the popular video game series starring Angelina Jolie . In all honestly, I never felt these movies knew how to handle the material, so after two missed...
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Rumor: Kathryn Bigelow on directors shortlist for Tomb Raider reboot

UPDATE: Peter Sciretta over at /Film heard from Kathryn Bigelow 's reps who told him that " Kathryn has not met with anyone about this project, and does not have any interest in directing this film. ” Lara Croft's return was fast-tracked earlier this year and word was that the studio was looking for "a Michelle MacLaren type" to helm the...
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MGM rumored to be seeking female director for Tomb Raider reboot

Last we knew, the TOMB RAIDER movie reboot was getting fast-tracked with some help from Warner Bros. and screenwriter Evan Daugherty (TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, DIVERGENT). HH is reporting that Daugherty's script is currently out to filmmakers, and MGM is looking for a female director for the project. The site says they've heard that the studio is seeking "a...
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Tomb Raider reboot fast-tracked with the help of a new writer & Warner Bros.

During the holiday season of 2013, I hunkered down in my basement during a snow storm and played through the newest Tomb Raider game. It was a reboot and it was enjoyable. In case you forgot about it, there have been talks of a theatrical reboot for the movie franchise since the summer of that year, when the game was met with a positive response. Now we have a rather promising update to...
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Cool Videos: This 20-minute Tomb Raider fan film is pretty brutal

Last we heard, Marti Noxon was working on a script for a new Tomb Raider movie, and hopefully the next Lara Croft adventure turns out a bit like this fan film, CROFT. The video was directed by Trevor Addie, written by Irma Leong and Addie, and stars Cassandra Ebner as the titular character. CROFT is more inspired by this year's game than the older ones (or the Angelina Jolie...
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Is Hayley Atwell campaigning to play Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider reboot?

Hayley Atwell was mostly a TV actress before bursting onto the scene with 2011's CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER, where she played Peggy Carter, the bad ass British agent who captured Steve Rogers' heart. After that, however, she detoured back to her TV roots and we haven't seen much (ahem, enough) of her on the big screen. The actress is set to reprise her role as Agent Carter in...
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C'mon Hollywood: Should videogames be adapted?

Living in today’s world, it’s almost impossible to not play video games to some degree.   Some are obsessed to an unhealthy level of gameplay, while others keep it casual enough to be a fun escape.   With the videogame industry generating billions of dollars per year and people gaming on one platform or another now more than any other time in history, it’s...
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