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Awfully Good: Drive Angry

Once BABY DRIVER grows up and has to deal with rush hour traffic, he will learn to…   Drive Angry (2011)   Director: Patrick Lussier Stars: Nicolas Cage, Amber Heard, William Fichtner Nicolas Cage breaks out of hell with a fast ride and plenty of ammo in order to save his infant granddaughter from being sacrificed by...
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Exclusive Cool Video: Top 10 overacting moments in movies

We've all witnessed that moment in a certain films where an actor or actress just becomes completely unhinged and goes way out of range of what's expected or needed for a particular role. The results are usually more humiliating or unintentionally hilarious rather than the brilliance they were no doubt aiming for. Either way, they're easy to spot when they happen and it can be an...
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Cool Videos: Radiohead remakes The Wicker Man with stop-motion animation

A couple of days ago, Radiohead went ghost on the internet. Everything Radiohead from Radiohead was gone with zero presence on the world wide web whatsoever, leading fans all around the world to wonder what exactly what was to come next. Would a secret album randomly drop out of nowhere, Beyonce style? Would it be something grander than that? What did Radiohead have planned for the...
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Robin Hardy plans a final chapter to The Wicker Man trilogy entitled Wrath of the Gods

It is a shame that most American audiences think of the awful Nicolas Cage version when their hear the title THE WICKER MAN. That 2006 piece of donkey flop is only memorable for the "oh god, not the bees!" scene and does a major disservice to the classic 1973 original starring Edward Woodward and Christopher Lee . THE WICKER MAN regularly tops lists of the best British films of all...
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Review: The Big Wedding

PLOT: A dysfunctional family, which includes two divorced parents ( Robert De Niro & Diane Keaton ), his new girlfriend/her ex-best friend ( Susan Sarandon ), their two grown-up kids ( Katherine Heigl & Topher Grace ), and an adopted son ( Ben Barnes ) reunite for a family wedding. Hilarity ensues. Well, actually, no it doesn’t… REVIEW: Sigh, I figured...
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This new television spot for The Big Wedding with Robert De Niro, Susan Sarandon, Diane Keaton and Robin Williams is incredibly painful to watch

Part of me is sad when I see great actors reduced to predictable, lazy films but on the other hand I know to them it is just a paycheck. We get invested in these actors when they have played iconic roles or been in films we have loved and then become outraged when the actors star in something that we feel is beneath them. But to them it is a business and sometimes you just need to pay...
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