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Arrival cinematographer Bradford Young will shoot the Han Solo prequel

Plot and casting details are still under wraps regarding the UNTITLED HAN SOLO STAR WARS ANTHOLOGY FILM, aside from the fact that Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are directing, and Alden Ehrenreich will be playing the titular smuggler. Word on the street is that shooting will commence in early 2017, and it looks like the directors have chosen an integral crew member to join them...
7 days ago
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Has Disney signed Alden Ehrenreich up for a Han Solo trilogy?

It will be interesting to see exactly how the STAR WARS anthology films will stack up compared to the main saga flicks, but according to a recent report by The New York Daily News , these standalone films could very well become franchises in their own right. It's important to take this news with several grains of salt, but the outlet is reporting that Disney/Lucasfilm has signed...
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Alden Ehrenreich graces stage as Han Solo; Rian Johnson talks Episode VIII

Space Elvis has entered the building. That’s what people call Han Solo, right? Well if they don’t then they really should give it a try because it fits like a glove. The man is cool, charming, has a way with the ladies and has perfectly quaffed hair at all times.  These are qualities Harrison Ford has, which made him the perfect casting choice for the roguish smuggler...
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Alden Ehrenreich set to shoot first as our new Han Solo!

Just about every young actor in Hollywood auditioned for the role of young Han Solo in Phil Lord and Christopher Miller's upcoming STAR WARS spin-off, and now it looks as though they have their man. First reported by Page Six and then confirmed by the major trades, it looks like Alden Ehrenreich , who was reported to be the frontrunner for the role several weeks back , has...
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Rumor: Ezra Miller's The Flash will have a tech-based costume

Last month Ezra Miller allegedly described his THE FLASH costume to a fan as "post apocalyptic," and Den of Geek is claiming they have some additional details about the design of the costume. An insider tells the site that the character's movie suit will be "tech-based" and will look more like armor to avoid "any comparison to the well...
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Writer Seth Grahame-Smith to make feature-film debut with The Flash

Last we heard, filmmaking team Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (THE LEGO MOVIE, 21 JUMP STREET) were developing a story for THE FLASH that is, "a different take on superhero stuff." That's something we hear time and time again as new superheroes are introduced into the world of cinema, but when it comes to these two guys, I think you can take their word for it. To...
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LEGO Batman will acknowledge every era of Batman filmmaking

Many of you would agree that THE LEGO MOVIE was one of the best movies of the year and are just as excited as we are about the upcoming the LEGO cinematic universe expansion. We are getting LEGO NINJAGO and THE LEGO MOVIE 2 eventually; but it’s THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE spinoff that has me most excited. THE LEGO MOVIE writer-directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller , who will be...
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Phil Lord and Christopher Miller may direct adaptation of The Rosie Project

Do you know what  CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS , THE LEGO MOVIE , and 21 JUMP STEET have in common? With the exception of Jump Street, they were all directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller and many thought they all sounded like terrible ideas. Today, these guys and their Midas hands have the trust of suits and more importantly moviegoers; the duo has just signed on to...
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C'mon, Hollywood: Please don't ruin our 90's nostalgia!

I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing, but I'm a nostalgic bastard. If it came out before the harsh realities of life set in and I was just another happy lad (the 90's), I probably remember and look back on it fondly. Hollywood, however, has a knack for having its way with those memories. I can't imagine, for example, growing up with STAR WARS and standing in line waiting to...
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