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Exclusive Interview: Jesse Eisenberg & Kristen Stewart Talk American Ultra

How high is too high? Find out in Nima Nourizadeh 's AMERICAN ULTRA – a fast-paced action comedy from the warped mind of Max Landis , writer of CHRONICLE - where a small town stoner comes face to gun with his own unlikely past as a covert government sleeper agent. In the film, Mike Howell ( Jesse Eisenberg ) - an ill-fated burnout - and his live-in...
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Cool Videos: Watch Max Landis and Haley Joel Osment get slapped in the face

A couple of months ago, a video of 20 strangers kissing for the first time hit YouTube and caused a stir by featuring same sex couples locking lips. With 84 million hits to it's credit, the video was ripe for parody. Who better than renowned button pusher Max Landis to come up with the best one. Landis, best known as the screenwriter on CHRONICLE, has made a name for himself online...
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Top 10 Found Footage Movies of All Time (Video Edition)

The fifth entry in the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY franchise opens today marking another movie in the popular found footage sub-genre of films. What used to be a novelty has since grown into a full-fledged way of making films. Studios love them because they are cheap to make while amateur filmmakers can tell stories with limited film-making skills. The results are not always great, but there are ten...
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Max Landis to make a superhero pitch to Warner Bros.

I am fully aware that I write most of the Max Landis articles on this site. This is purely coincidental as they seem to drop on my shift. What I will say about my own opinion towards Landis is that he seems rather passionate about comics, has some interesting ideas, and is a good writer thus far. Landis might be responsible for CHRONICLE but people might associate him more with...
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Max Landis shares details on what would have been his Chronicle sequel, Martyr

So Max Landis is out for the sequel to CHRONICLE, and while we may never know the truth about why they didn't keep him on, the writer decided to share his vision for what would have been on Twitter. Thanks to Bleeding Cool, we have a compilation of his comments: In retrospect, I’m not even sure if fans of the first film would’ve been ready or eager for my second...
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Max Landis says Chronicle 2 is definitely happening and will be "really dark"

CHRONICLE was a surprisingly good entry into the found footage and superhero genres. When word came down that director Josh Trank and screenwriter Max Landis were hitting a wall with the proposed sequel, I was disappointed. After the success of the first movie at the box office, a sequel seemed like a lock, but it sounded like the studio did not like Landis' script . Well now...
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Chronicle sequel hits a snag due to Fox's dislike of scribe Max Landis' script

I, like most people, was quite impressed with CHRONICLE. I can understand the frustration some of you felt when the "found footage" technique was abandoned in favor of capturing a particularly cool or beautiful shot, but my brain never really bothered to notice that kind of shift due to being so deeply engrossed in the story.  A subsequent viewing has revealed some of the more...
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