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Tom Hardy entertains playing James Bond if Christopher Nolan were involved

Fun Fact: Tom Hardy would really like to portray the theatrical super spy, James Bond , at some point in his career. Even if the MAD MAX: FURY ROAD actor tries to downplay his zeal about his aspirations to suit up and request that his martinis be shaken, not stirred, Hardy can’t help but gush about the prospects of his oft-times collaborative partner, Christopher Nolan ,...
4 days ago
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Tom Hardy talks Dunkirk, rom-coms & says more Mad Max is "in the books"

Tom Hardy is at that point in his career when he can do virtually anything he wants to do. Wants to be Winston Churchill? Fine! How about the whale in a Moby Dick movie? Not a problem. But the actor will always do interesting projects, and he recently spoke with The Wrap about some of his upcoming works, one of them being the anticipated Christopher Nolan movie, DUNKIRK. He plays...
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Here's a list of theaters playing the Dunkirk prologue in front of Rogue One

The first trailer for Christopher Nolan 's DUNKIRK hit earlier this week, brining with it some pretty visuals, if nothing else. A good portion of the community was underwhelmed by what they saw, and if you find yourself falling in that camp, then perhaps the prologue to the film will interest you. As you may know, IMAX theaters will be screening the prologue in front of ROGUE ONE this...
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Survival is victory in the new trailer for Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk

In Christopher Nolan 's latest, we travel back to World War II, when Allied forces retreated to the beaches of Dunkirk, awaiting rescue, as German forces closed in around them. Nolan is certainly no stranger to telling BIG stories (INTERSTELLAR, INCEPTION), although DUNKIRK finds the filmmaker venturing into our actual history this time around. The victory is in the survival in the...
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The first poster arrives for Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk

Christopher Nolan 's latest follows allied soldiers in World War II who are stuck on the beaches of Dunkirk, waiting to be evacuated as German forces surround them. Talk about your high-stress situations! While Nolan generally specializes in mind-bending twists and turns, DUNKIRK aims to tell a more straightforward and heroic tale. You can check out as much with the first poster...
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7-minute prologue for Dunkirk to screen in select Rogue One IMAX showings

How many of you are not appropriately pumped for ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY ? I would be shocked if you're not because this is quite possibly the most anticipated movie event of the year, which is amazing considering everything else that has come out. We've had not one, but two huge hero-on-hero clashes, the return of everyone's favorite fish and BEN-HUR . Okay, maybe...
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Review: Free Fire (TIFF 2016)

PLOT: A mob/IRA arms deal in a remote warehouse goes horribly awry when a beef between two thug foot soldiers erupts into an epic, no-holds-barred gunfight. REVIEW: For anyone who might have thought director Ben Wheatley ’s (underrated) HIGH RISE was a little too high-brow, his follow-up, FREE FIRE is the perfect antidote. Notably returning him to TIFF’s Midnight...
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F-bombs & bullets fly in red band Free Fire trailer

Holy Santa Claus shit. That is the only way to describe the trailer for the new action flick, FREE FIRE, from director Ben Wheatley (and executive produced by Martin Scorsese !). Enough reading! Watch! Was I right, or was I right? Not only is the trailer action-packed and vulgar as hell, but it's nothing short of hysterical. Everyone in the cast including...
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Review: Anthropoid

PLOT : ANTHROPOID presents the true story of two Czechoslovakian operatives on a mission to assassinate SS officer Reinhard Heydrich, a leading member of the Nazi forces during WWII. REVIEW : After Jamie Dornan ’s performance in 50 SHADES OF GREY, it’s nice to see the actor do something a little more challenging. As a soldier sent to assassinate SS officer Reinhard...
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The first teaser trailer for Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk has arrived!

Given his past successes, Christopher Nolan has pretty much been given carte blanche to tackle whatever type of project he wants, and his latest film combines an epic World War II story, IMAX cameras, a sprawling cast, and of course, a boatload of cash. DUNKIRK tells the story of Operation Dynamo, in which Allied soldiers were evacuated from the beaches and harbour of Dunkirk after...
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Mark Rylance praises Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk as "simple and powerful"

It's fun to see a Christopher Nolan project take shape, no matter what genre Nolan tackles or which cast he assembles, the degree of interest from just about every one of us is almost always very high. Nolan's latest, DUNKIRK, tells the story of Operation Dynamo, in which Allied soldiers were evacuated from the beaches and harbour of Dunkirk after being cut off and surrounded...
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Go to war with the first on-set pictures of Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk

Christopher Nolan 's latest, DUNKIRK, follows hundreds of thousands of British and Allied troops as they are surrounded by enemy forces. Trapped on the beach, they face an impossible situation of survival as the enemy troops close in. The story is no less epic than Nolan's usual fare and now the first on-set photos have surfaced, courtesy of photographer Pierre Volot, giving...
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