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Kevin Smith wants Michael Parks and Quentin Tarantino to star in Tusk, his "walrus centipede" horror film

All right, so I'm sure you've come here for the crazy, so let's jump in shall we? Apparently, Kevin Smith dropped the news that while perusing the news one day (and likely high) he came across a story that intrigued him so much that the turned it into a horror script called TUSK. So, what in the hell is TUSK? I'm glad you asked. TUSK is described by Smith as "a...
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Kevin Smith has completed the first draft of Clerks III!

Not often do I come across any awesome tidbits on Instagram, but today was the exception. It seems that Kevin Smith has completed his first draft of CLERKS III. I was going to say "Snootchie Bootchies" then I just think of what Jay says in CHASING AMY: "'Snootchie-bootchies'. Who talks like that? That's baby-talk." Smith also posted the pic of the finished script on...
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