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Movie clip round-up: Alice Through the Looking Glass, Popstar & more

A great many clips from the summer's biggest (or so they hope) blockbusters have been washing over us and through the pure goodness of my heart, I've assembled a handful of the clips which have been released over the past week in one location for easy viewing. First up is a couple of clips from ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS, the upcoming sequel to Tim Burton 's ALICE IN...
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Treat yourself to a septuple helping of clips from Ed Helms' Vacation

I'm still surprised by the reaction to the upcoming remake/reboot/sequel to NATIONAL LAMPOON'S VACATION , but damn if people aren't quite as offended by the idea as I thought they'd be. VACATION may not be destined to take its place among the comedy greats but for those of us looking for a fun raunchy time at the theater, it seems like VACATION may fit the bill....
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Six new clips from 300: Rise of an Empire show Eva Green being badass

Warner Bros. has unveiled six new clips from their forthcoming sequel 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE, and they predominantly serve to show off Eva Green strutting her stuff as Artemisia, commander of the Persian navy. Say what you want about the film, which often looks quite like a remake of the original, but Green appears to be worth the price of admission alone. Here you'll see...
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Manly clips from Red Dawn, The Master, The Walking Dead, and Les Miserables

All of these new clips share something in common: they are about dudes being dudes. These four videos are a veritable sausage-fest of testosterone and manliness. You have a clip of guys fighting for their country, men contemplating the nature of their true selves, hombres fighting zombies, and heartfelt singing about life and death. Uh, okay that last one is a stretch. First up is a...
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