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Cool Videos: George R.R. Martin feeds on your sorrow from the Game of Thrones shocker

I think it's pretty obvious that anything relating to Game of Thrones this week (and probably next week) is going to come with a spoiler warning but here it is anyway. If you haven't seen last week's episode for the love of God do not continue. Seriously, this is your FINAL WARNING . So even if you don't watch Game of Thrones you've probably realized that...
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Cool Videos: Patton Oswalt as The Penguin vs a very confused Batman

Batman and his damn one rule. He went on and on about it so much in THE DARK KNIGHT that it's no surprise that the Joker felt compelled to push Batman to the limit. Do you real need to be so preachy Mr. Wayne? College Humor has a pretty funny new video about the hero's one rule and how Batman may be breaking his rule without even knowing it. In the video it's just another day for the...
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Honest Movie Posters for 2013 Oscar Contenders; Argo! Django!, Zero Dark Thirty!, Lincoln!

The folks over at CollegeHumor.com have come up with some really great "honest" movie posters for this years Oscar contenders, covering all the bases, stereotypes, and true-to-form realities of the various films all vying for golden statues this year.  Everything from ARGO, LINCOLN, ZERO DARK THIRTY, BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD, AMOUR, LES MISERABLES, DJANGO UNCHAINED, LIFE OF PI,...
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Cool Videos: NSFW Raunchy recreation of a scene from The Dark Knight Rises may well have you in stitches

NSFW warning!  Raunchy language ahead. Well, if you need a good laugh today, this might do the trick.  The fine juvenile minds at College Humor have recreated a scene from THE DARK KNIGHT RISES only with a much...hornier twist.  At first, I thought this would just be a stupid little webvid...and I was right.  However, it's a stupid little webvid that had me cracking up throughout. ...
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