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Before They Were Famous: Alan Rickman, John Krasinski & Aubrey Plaza

Welcome to “Before They Were Famous“, where we take a look at some of the past exploits of today's biggest stars, be it from movies, television, Broadway, competitions, etc.! The more embarrassing, the better. Our memories are long, but the internet's memory is forever, so jump back in time with us to witness some of our favorite stars before they were marquee...
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Cool Videos: Jeff Goldblum shows us all how to sell light bulbs

Earlier this month it was a cool video featuring Jeff Goldblum adding lyrics to the JURASSIC PARK theme, now he’s selling light bulbs, obviously. Funny guys Tim and Eric have teamed up with General Electric to sell their revolutionary new light bulbs that you can control via your smartphone; and who better as a spokesperson than Goldblum? He wears a Liberace wig and lives...
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Cool Videos: This Jaguar ad explains why bad guys are always British

Everyone knows that the best part of the Super Bowl is the commercials. Sure, the game is going to be pretty intense between the best offensive team in the Broncos against the best defensive team in the Seahawks, but it will also mark the only game that people will not be using their DVR as they watch for what crazy advertisements will be aired. Some of the commercials have started...
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Cool Videos: Ray Liotta's 1800 tequila commercial

I don't care where Ray Liotta 's career has been the past 10 or so years, he will always emit cool, and this commercial proves it. Though I immediately think of "Suntory Time", this is less talky. All Liotta has to do is make a simple gesture to get his point across. This is something Henry Hill would do, though I feel like he would make an off-color comment to the gentlemen with...
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