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Cool Videos: Paul Rudd's exclusive Ant-Man clip on Conan O'Brien

There's a history of Paul Rudd premiering clips on Conan. I'm sure most of you are well aware, but sometimes things have to change. After all, Rudd is headlining a Marvel movie now. Films don't get much bigger than that, so if you think Rudd could get away with doing exactly what he always does on Conan, you'd be mistaken. Still, this exclusive ANT-MAN clip is worth the...
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Cool Videos: Conan heads to SDCC Mad Max: Fury Road-style

TBS' Conan is broadcasting from San Diego this week for this year's Comic-Con (a first for a late-night talk show), and things kicked off last night with this not mediocre MAD MAX: FURY ROAD-style cold opener which sees the host taking on the role of Doof Warrior, also known as "that crazy dude with the flame-throwing guitar." Andy Richter (as...
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Cool Videos: Bill Hader's Killer "Star Wars" Impressions

Bill Hader is one of my favorite people. I was sad when I heard that he was leaving SNL. Hader was one of the better comedians the series had after people like Tina Fey and Amy Poehler left. Even then the sketch show was a little shaky. I haven't steadily enjoyed it since the early 2000s. My SNL thoughts aside, apparently Hader does some killer STAR WARS impressions. When I...
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Cool Videos: George R.R. Martin spills some shocking Game of Thrones spoilers

As everyone has talked about this week, GAME OF THRONES featured the infamous Red Wedding scene this past week and the internet exploded with buzz regarding the scene that fans of author George R.R. Martin read over ten years ago. Martin visited Conan O'Brien 's talk show to discuss the HBO version of the scene in a funny episode the other night. During his visit, Martin was nice...
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Cool Videos: J.J. Abrams responds to Star Trek sexism on Conan with a clip of Benedict Cumberbatch showering

A couple of days ago writer Damon Lindelof apologized for the Carol Marcus underwear scene in STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS and while both sides of the argument have valid points on if it was sexist or not, for the most part a lot of you just didn't think it was that big of a deal. One person who has always expressed his love for beautiful women (even if at times he's...
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Cool Videos: Conan O'Brien spoofs Oscar Nominees

Conan O'Brien has always been one of my favorite comedians. When I was a kid I'd set the VCR (yes I'm old) to record his late night show since I wasn't allowed to stay up that late. Of course the VCR would turn on and wake my Mom up, who had no clue how to operate the device. "I don't even know how to work the damn thing and you have it turning off and on in the middle of the night...
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Will Schwarzenegger be making Terminator 5 or King Conan any time soon?

Now that Arnold Schwarzenegger is acting again at full strength, the rumor mills have been working overtime to discuss the potential projects he may be entertaining. At the top of the list are returns to two of the franchises he is synonymous with: CONAN and THE TERMINATOR. In terms of CONAN, after the disastrous reboot from a couple years ago the only way that fans would pack...
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These three frames of footage from Star Trek Into Darkness are all about Spock

Three frames of STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS await you somewhere below, buried within the clip from Conan. "Three frames?" you scoff? "That's all?" "Three frames?!" you scream? "A MEASLY THREE FRAMES, J.J. ABRAMS?!" Now before you get all grumbly (as I did when I first encountered this news), it turns out that Abrams wasn't just being secretive and coy to the point of absurdity.  No,...
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