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Black America is an alternate history show from Boondocks creator

So it looks like Amazon Prime is doing another alternate-history show, this time from creator of popular Adult Swim show THE BOONDOCKS Aaron McGruder and producer Will Packer (STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON) called BLACK AMERICA. Here's the synopsis, according to Deadline: [BLACK AMERICA] envisions an alternate history where newly freed African Americans have secured the Southern...
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After all these years Ken Russell's The Devils gets uncut release on Shudder

Ken Russell 's epic 1971 historical drama horror film THE DEVILS has reached almost mythic status among cinephiles. It received an X-Rating upon release, and was severely cut down (from 117 minutes to 103 minutes), as well as being buried by Warner Bros. The film dealt with themes of religious persecution and hypocrisy, which is said to be the main reason for its...
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A Dog's Purpose pre-sales strong, despite controversy

A DOG'S PURPOSE seems destined for the Wal-Mart $5 bin, as its premise is so mauldin and schlocky, it's almost like a bad SIMPSONS spoof of these types of films. And there's obviously a dedicated audience for this kind of shit (and who am I to judge, I've seen BIRDEMIC thirty times), so more power to them. However, it seems that the core audience would be animal lovers,...
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New HBO series The Young Pope starring Jude Law releases new trailer

  More than a little disappointed that YOUNG POPE isn't about a teenage Pope with sunglasses, a backwards hat, and EXXXTREME views on Catholic dogma, but damn, this looks good! Then again, it  is  HBO, home of GAME OF THRONES, SOPRANOS, and...VINYL? JOHN FROM CINCINATTI? Okay, maybe they're not all home runs, but their...
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C'mon, Hollywood: Why exactly did Oldboy bomb?

Remakes are always controversial no matter who's attached to the project, the number of years it's been since the original was released, how good the first one was, etc. With directors ranging from Justin Lin to Steven Spielberg , the OLDBOY remake eventually became Spike Lee's responsibility and after playing a very long waiting game, the film has finally come and hit theaters with...
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