Oculus VR game Marvel Power United lets you rampage as the Hulk!

For the first time ever, it seems like VR will actually finally be a thing . Companies have tried many times to make VR mainstream - most disastrously with Nintendo's Virtua-Boy - but the gimmick never stuck. But having experienced VR first hand, they've seemed to fix most of the bugs from previous consumer versions, as well as the fact graphics and interactive...
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Power Rangers sequel not dead (yet), according to director

  I've never been shy about my love of the new POWER RANGERS movie. It just hit all the right notes for me, even though it is certainly flawed (with probably the most egregious use of product placement in recent memory). Above all, it had a great cast, cool action, and a decent grasp of the tone - taking itself seriously, but not self -seriously. It's a tough balance, and I...
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"Weird Al" Yankovic to get star on Hollywood Walk of Fame!

It's crazy how long "Weird Al" Yankovic has been in show-biz (hint: almost four decades), especially considering how schticky his act must look from an outsider's perspective. Spoofing songs for a whole career? How weir --  absurd ! But Weird Al makes it work, and is honestly super hilarious. I've been a fan of his work since I was a kid (even...
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Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later coming to Netflix

WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER seems like one of those "love it/hate it" things. It's so weird and idiosyncratic, with many of its jokes simply based on period accurate aesthetics, or having a guy hump a refrigerator, that it makes sense it's a cult classic and not more well-known (not that it's necessarily a hidden gem either - it's hard to hide that cast). As for...
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Cool Videos: Realism, how much does it really matter?

The idea of using film to depict reality or fantasy has been a sticking point in film theory for a long time (since at least the days of the Lumiere brothers and George Milliez). And lately, many fantasy, comic, sci-fi, and action films (like ARRIVAL, the DCEU, GAME OF THRONES, and the recent JAMES BOND series) have been trying to make things more "gritty", "grounded", and "realistic"....
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E3 releases new interview and gameplay footage for Star Wars: Battlefront II

So I was talking to my friend, and both of us agreed that a lot of a certain generation of geeks have experienced STAR WARS more as videogames than as movies. Which makes sense in some ways, as STAR WARS has dabbled in every single genre, including fighting games, racing games, first-person shooters, and even TWISTED METAL-esque vehicular combat games (among others). KNIGHTS OF THE...
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Game of Thrones featurette focuses on special effects

To say that I'm excited about the seventh season of GAME OF THRONES is like saying Tyrion is excited about wine and snarky comments. Anyway, the new season is almost upon us, and HBO has been releasing behind-the-scenes featurettes to help whet our appetites (as if our appetites need more whetting). This one focuses on special effects, which is probably the most important thing in the...
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The Babadook is now an LGBT icon! Who knew?

So this is a bit unexpected. Apparently the Babadook (from the film THE BABADOOK) - that creepy ghoulie with the stove top hat, black cloak, and perpetually bug-eyed and creepy smiling face - is now a legitimate LGBT icon! Which...okay. But how did that come to be? Well, it turns out that it seems the beginnings of this movement began with Netflix. It seems that THE...
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The videogame Everything is actually getting qualified for an Academy Award

So videogames and Oscars aren't exactly things that naturally go hand-in-hand. Even the best videogame adaptations (MORTAL KOMBAT and SILENT HILL) aren't exactly what you'd commonly consider "Oscar-worthy", no matter how much I think MORTAL KOMBAT should've won all the words that year. Anyway, the PS4 game EVERYTHING, where you get to play...
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The Amazons from Wonder Woman might show up again in Justice League!

One of the many highlights of WONDER WOMAN was the prologue in Themyscira, and seeing all the badass Amazon warriors training and kicking ass. This includes Wonder Woman's mother, Queen Hippolyta (played by Connie Nielsen ) and her sister - and the one who actually trains Diana as a warrior - General Antiope (played by Robin Wright ). Anyway, in an interview with LA Times,...
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It's time to cook! Breaking Bad VR on its way

I'm from Modesto, CA, which has the nickname "Methdesto" because it was one of the biggest sources of meth producing in the country for awhile. So when BREAKING BAD came out, and it concerned meth-cooking and distribution, I was curious to see if they ever mentioned my hometown. Unfortunately they never did (though SONS OF ANARCHY apparently did), but regardless the...
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Shudder streaming begins original programming, starting with Primal Screen

Shudder  is a cool new streaming site that I'm sure many Schmoes have heard about by now, as it deals exclusively in horror, cult, and exploitation films. Their library includes films such as   Alice Lowe ¹s critically acclaimed horror-comedy PREVENGE, popular J-Horror franchise mash-up SADAKO VS. KAYAKO , and the hit Swedish series JORDSKOTT (as well...
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