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Joe Manganiello has co-written a draft for a Dungeons & Dragons movie

It's been seventeen years since the release of Hollywood's first attempt at making a DUNGEONS & DRAGONS movie, but the critical thrashing that the film received, along with a pesky lawsuit , has kept development on the Warner Bros. reboot from progressing too far along. After settling their lawsuit, Warner Bros. seemed ready to finally move forward with the project, but...
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Ansel Elgort in early talks to star in Dungeons & Dragons

Unfortunately I've gone through my life without playing, observing, or really understanding much at all about Dungeons & Dragons. My only exposure to the franchise comes from the much ridiculed feature film adaptation of the same name which starred Jeremy Irons on a steady diet of ham and scenery. Thankfully a new DUNGEONS & DRAGONS film from GOOSEBUMPS director  Rob...
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Awfully Good: Dungeons & Dragons

If WARCRAFT doesn't give you your fill of epic fantasy this weekend, there's always... literally any movie except this one...   Dungeons & Dragons (2000)   Director: Courtney Solomon Stars: Justin Whalin, Marlon Wayans, Jeremy Irons   A group of people, including a progressive female leader, must prevent a...
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Warner Bros officially announces Dungeons & Dragons film as lawsuit settles

Back in 2013, a lawsuit held up Hasbro's reboot of the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS franchise. With that suit now settled, WB has officially announced they are beginning development of a new film based on the fantasy role-playing game. Deadline did not disclose what the settlement between Sweetpea Entertainment, Hasbro, and WB entailed, but all three parties will be producing the new...
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Review: Getaway

PLOT: Ethan Hawke plays Brent Magna (lol), a former racer-turned-wheelman, forced by a mysterious stranger to steal a customized Shelby Mustang Super Snake, and then to embark on a reign of terror through Sofia, Bulgaria, in order to save his kidnapped wife. Along the way, he picks up a spoiled rich kid ( Selena Gomez ) who also happens to be the Mustang's original owner....
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Exclusive Interview: Ethan Hawke and Selena Gomez talk Getaway

Ethan Hawke and Selena Gomez - not necessarily an on-screen pairing you'd expect to see in an action movie produced by Joel Silver, but the duo actually work together quite well in GETAWAY, in which Hawke's character must race against the clock (literally) in a tricked-out car in order to save his wife's life. Gomez plays a car-jacker who, obviously, gets into the wrong car on this...
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New car-flipping trailer for Getaway starring Ethan Hawke, Selena Gomez, and John Voight

A new high-speed trailer for GETAWAY has zoomed online courtesy of Warner Bros. and it looks like one hell of a smash and grab. Cheesy, high-octane, and filled with mass vehicular carnage, GETAWAY looks to have all the trimmings of a tight and fun car chase flick, especially when you toss in Ethan Hawke as the lead and John Voight as the villain. Hawke has a ferocious intensity when he...
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Check out the explosive action of Getaway starring Ethan Hawke and Selena Gomez in this featurette

We're in the final days of the summer movie season and what better way to finish it off than a good, cheesy car chase flick? That's certainly what GETAWAY is hoping for, which is setting itself up to be nothing more than a fun thrillride to top off a pretty explosive summer...with more explosions! Starring Ethan Hawke , Selena Gomez , and John Voight, the Courtney Solomon...
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New TV spot and featurette for Getaway starring Ethan Hawke focus on the '68 Shelby Mustang

I'm starting to warm up to GETAWAY, the car chase actioner starring Ethan Hawke and... Selena Gomez . It's the oddest pairing you would never expect, but I can't deny that it looks like a harmless good time. This new TV spot and featurette help to back that up and it seems like they've put something together that is meant to be, pardon the pun, a fun ride. I can...
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This trailer for Getaway has Ethan Hawke playing a dangerous game in a fast car

From the director of DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS.... If you were one of the few who weren't scared away after that opening then I'll warn up that the rest of this isn't going to much better. The first trailer for GETAWAY has debuted and it is something to behold. Remember those pictures we saw of Ethan Hawke and Selena Gomez in a movie together? This is that movie. Sorry to...
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Warner Bros. reboot of Dungeons & Dragons delayed due to Hasbro lawsuit

Despite already producing a god awful big screen DUNGEONS & DRAGONS movie back in 2000, Warner Bros. has set up a new movie based on the role-playing game. But, there is now a lawsuit out there from Hasbro saying that the movie studio no longer owns the rights to make a sequel. According to The Hollywood Reporter , the lawsuit claims that producer Sweatpea Entertainment has lapsed on...
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Ethan Hawke and Selena Gomez to face off against Jon Voight for Getaway in August 2013

Now here's an actiony flick that just popped up out of nowhere nearly fully formed - GETAWAY, from Warner Bros, Dark Castle Entertainment, and After Dark Films. The movie stars Ethan Hawke as a burned-out race car driver forced to get behind the wheel for a criminal scheme when his wife is kidnapped, with, and this is serious now, Selena Gomez as a hacker who helps him out. Jon Voight...
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