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Top 10 Scariest Stephen King Villains

Stephen King's prolific career has yielded many disturbing stories and scenes that have since been immortalized on screens big and small. But, few can compare to Pennywise the clown. Debuting today on the big screen in IT, Pennywise is one of many iconic Stephen King villains. Here is our ranking of the ten scariest King villains of all time. If you disagree with our picks, let us know in the...
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This Week in Blu-ray / DVD Releases: Suicide Squad, Miss Peregrine, Ben-Hur

This Week: A super-sized Suicide Squad, Miss Peregrine gets the Tim Burton treatment, and the biblical bomb Ben-Hur. ► SUICIDE SQUAD was called many things this year, but ‘polarizing’ seems most apt. Full of great moments. Full of ‘WTF?’ moments. A great Harley Quinn. A...
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