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C'mon Hollywood: Why critics are important

While it’s lessened quite a bit over the years, there’s still this cultural image of a film critic as a bespectacled balding guy in a professor’s tweed jacket (the one’s with the darker colored fabric on the elbows for some reason), smoking a pipe, and talking about how shitty the latest TRANSFORMERS or MARVEL movies were. Just with more highfalutin language and...
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C'mon, Hollywood: Let's give Robert De Niro some better material!

With GRUDGE MATCH being released and met with such lukewarm reception, it only reminds me that the once great Robert De Niro hasn't had the hottest track record of late. Now, every actor has his or her string of substandard films, but the amount that has plagued him lately is straight up unfortunate. There was a time when one thought of De Niro, films like CASINO , GOODFELLAS and...
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Roger Ebert's memoir to be filmed courtesy of Steve James, Steve Zaillian, and Martin Scorsese

Film criticism is a dangerous job. You run the risk of alienating tons of people based on your opinion of movies. I know first hand from my Unpopular Opinion on THE AVENGERS that fans do not always agree with you (don't worry, Schmoes, I have another good one coming for ya this week!). But, it is the rare critic that both filmmakers and fans can respect. Roger Ebert is one of those...
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