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The Best Movie You Never Saw: Ghost Dog - The Way of the Samurai

Welcome to The Best Movie You NEVER Saw, a column dedicated to examining films that have flown under the radar or gained traction throughout the years, earning them a place as a cult classic or underrated gem that was either before it’s time and/or has aged like a fine wine. This week we’ll be looking at GHOST DOG: THE WAY OF THE SAMURAI. Some spoilers may be...
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Review: Jem and the Holograms

  PLOT: Jerrica Benton ( Aubrey Peeples ) is a young orphan who, along with her younger sister Kimber ( Stefanie Scott ), lives with her Aunt Bailey ( Molly Ringwald ) and Bailey's two foster kids, Aja ( Hayley Kiyoko ) and Shana ( Aurora Perrineau ). When the family home winds-up in danger of foreclosure, Jerrica adopts an alter-ego named Jem, who promptly becomes a viral...
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First trailer for Jem and the Holograms, but is it truly outrageous?

The thought of a live-action version of Jem and the Holograms felt like a bit of a joke back when it was announced ; and now that Universal Pictures has released the first trailer for JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS...well, I'll let you fill in the blanks. The film, which is based on the 1980s animated television series, stars Aubrey Peeples as Jem, Stefanie Scott as Kimber, Hayley...
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The first official image and synopsis for Jem and the Holograms rocks

We are finally getting our first official look at the upcoming JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS movie adaptation today along with the synopsis. I’ve been curious about this one ever since the slick poster arrived (see below) and the talent involved came together. You might know by now but if not, I have a refresher; the movie is based on the 1980s animated television series and will star...
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Juliette Lewis joins Jon Chu's Jem and the Holograms

Production on Jon Chu 's live-action JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS movie is already underway , but it looks like there was still at least one more part that still needed to be cast. Deadline is reporting Juliette Lewis has joined the film, however her character's identity is being kept under wraps. JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS is based on the 1980s animated series (although it...
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Meet the cast of Jon Chu's Jem and the Holograms movie

Jon Chu 's fast developing JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS movie has now cast the band members for the live action adaptation of the 1980s cartoon. Mere weeks after being announced, the musical film has already found a lead singer and supporting players in the form of four up and coming young actresses led by Aubrey Peeples. Peeples is best known for her role on the ABC musical series NASHVILLE...
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C'mon, Hollywood: Why exactly did Oldboy bomb?

Remakes are always controversial no matter who's attached to the project, the number of years it's been since the original was released, how good the first one was, etc. With directors ranging from Justin Lin to Steven Spielberg , the OLDBOY remake eventually became Spike Lee's responsibility and after playing a very long waiting game, the film has finally come and hit theaters with...
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