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Larry David is the true Batman in new Curb Your Enthusiasm teaser

When the world is in peril the mightiest heroes are called into action: superheroes, vigilantes, mutant humans and blonde gods. But we often forget the little heroes, the ones who do the real work, like police officers, firefighters and, of course, a neurotic, bald, 70-year-old man. Larry David is the up for the challenge of saving the day when no one else will act…and if...
16 hours ago
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Curb Your Enthusiasm is the latest victim of HBO leaks

HBO is under fire from hackers once again, and they have faced a cyber-attack that has resulted in the leak of more of their upcoming shows. In this case, let’s just say the leak was pretttttaay, pretttttaay, prettttaay bad. It was recently reported that several episodes from the upcoming season of the Larry David -led CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM were stolen from HBO servers and...
5 days ago
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New season of Curb Your Enthusiasm on its way to HBO!

The king of cringe comedy, Larry David , is back for more awkward situations with a new season of CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM on the way from HBO. It'll be the ninth season of the long-running series, which (at the time) officially ended six years ago in 2011. The new season will premiere October 1st of this year. Meanwhile, fan favorites Jeff Garlin , Susie Essman , and JB Smoove...
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The return of Curb Your Enthusiasm sounds pretty, pretty, pretty good

Larry David has some more CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM left in him yet. That was the announcement that came from HBO today who confirmed a ninth season of the comedic series will be happening, although no further details, particularly when we could expect the show's return, were revealed at this time.  In a statement from David revealing why he was coming back, he said,...
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Face-Off: Woody Allen vs. Larry David

Last week, your votes were just about split in the battle of the Batmen , with no clear winner between Michael Keaton and Christian Bale. As far as other Caped Crusaders you’d most trust to protect Gotham City, Val Kilmer managed a distant third, while George Clooney ranked just as high as Will Friedle’s voice. With Woody Allen’s latest feature, BLUE JASMINE , due out on Friday, this...
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