CW Announces Fall 2017 Debut Dates for Arrow, Flash, Supergirl & more!

Sweet Christmas! Yes, I know that's Luke Cage's expression, but I'm borrowing it for the sake of this article, okay? The reason I'm feeling taken aback at the moment is because The CW just revealed that they've consolidated their slate of premieres to a single week! Set your DVRs, kids, because super heroes and noir murder mysteries are about to take over your life...
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New Wonder Woman ad shows CW's Supergirl trying on her outfit

So this is cute. Even though they exist in different universes, apparently CW's Supergirl is repping for the DCEU's Wonder Woman, going as for as to call her "a friend". She's even showing off the new Wonder Woman swag to the original Wonder Woman Lynda Carter (though she's playing the President of the United States on the show.) Anyway, you can see the...
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Black Lightning strikes in the first trailer for CW's newest superhero show

There's a storm coming, as it's been announced that BLACK LIGHTNING is set to debut as a part of The CW's midseason slate. As we'd already learned a ways back, the character will not be a participant as a member of the CW's Arrowverse , but will instead act as a stand-alone series with the intent of establishing its own fanbase and world-building...
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CW releases behind-the-scenes featurettes for Flash and Arrow

The CW DC superhero shows are another big blind-spot for me on TV. I'd love to give them a shot, and I've heard great things for sure. However, I just don't have time to watch everything that was ever made. I'm only human! (I say as I watch 10-hour playlist of  Epic Fail videos ). Anyway, that all might change after watching these behind-the-scenes...
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Dean Cain returns to CW's Supergirl!

So Dean Cain , best known as Superman in the campy (but fun) series LOIS AND CLARK, will be returning to CW's SUPERGIRL. Cain had previously guest-starred on the show as Jeremiah Danvers, father of Kara (Supergirl's alter-ego), who apparently died trying to save Martian Manhunter's life. Well, since this is a TV show based on superheroes, he  didn't ...
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CW's The Flash visits Gorilla City in new promo

It's been impressive what CW has been able to do with its new DC universe. While I've never seen the shows themselves (so I can't comment on their quality), I can say that I think it's cool that they're going really Silver Age with a lot of their stuff, especially in THE FLASH series. I mean, he's already fought Gorilla Grodd (a super-smart telepathic ape)...
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Fifth Dimensional baddie Mxyzptlk joins cast of Supergirl

So it looks like another classic DC character will be making their debut in the CW DC TV universe (CDTU?), and its none other than that Fifth Dimensional trickster himself, Mxyzptlk . He will be making his first appearance in the CW-verse on SUPERGIRL (which makes sense as he was originally a Superman villain). Anyway, here's a trailer showing him off: Obviously...
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Former Lois Lane Teri Hatcher to guest star in CW's Supergirl

So it seems that former Lois Lane Teri Hatcher (LOIS & CLARK) is going back to television in the DC universe as a guest star on the CW's successful SUPERGIRL series. Who she'll be playing is still up in the air, though it seems likely it will be a villain. Here's what SUPERGIRL executive producer Andrew Kreisberg had to say about the casting: No offense to any of the...
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CW's Archie teen crime drama Riverdale releases TV spot with new footage

With the release of CW's bizarre ARCHIE/TWIN PEAKS mash-up RIVERDALE fast approaching, the marketing machine has been turned up to full blast. So here's yet another TV spot showcasing how "dark" and "sexy" Archie is (though if you had to describe two things Archie is not , it would be those two things). Anyway, let's take a look: More...
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Louis CK could've been Archie in Riverdale

Before Archie got involved in TWIN PEAKS-esque murder mystery shit on CW's RIVERDALE, Robert Aguirre-Sacasa - the show's creator and Archie comics chief creative officer - wanted to create a feature film along the lines of PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER (which honestly seems like the most logical place to take the property). However, as fate would have it, no one was biting. The...
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CW releases cast portraits for gritty Archie reboot Riverdale

I think I realized why I'm so fascinated by CW's new Archie reboot series, RIVERDALE. I think it's because this seems like a MadTV sketch come to life. " Ha, wouldn't it be funny if there was an Archie show, but it had MURDER and SEX and SUPERNATURAL SHIT in it? ". We'd laugh (or probably not, since it's MadTV) and then move on. But, no, this is real...
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Young George Lucas joins CW's Legends of Tomorrow

Wow. A lot of   STAR WARS news today . But it's like Tupac once said " I didn't choose to cover STAR WARS news, the STAR WARS news chose to cover me " or something. It's been awhile. But either way, there's some truth to that dumb joke, as sometimes you're constrained as an internet film news editor to report on what's pertinent...
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