CW developing a Sabrina the Teenage Witch reboot!

Now, I've made my love of RIVERDALE known loud and clear. So it's with great pleasure that I announce that the same team behind that dark, campy, and engaging show is going to be behind a SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH reboot based on the recent comics THE CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA. Like RIVERDALE (of which Sabrina began in the original Archie comics in 1962), this will be a much darker...
3 days ago
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Trailer for CW's The Flash shows the return of Barry Allen!

So I haven't kept up CW's THE FLASH at all, though I've heard good things. I mean, any show that can even dare to pull off King Shark or Gorilla Grodd on a TV budget deserves mad props. And apparently Barry Allen died? Or something? Seems about right for The Flash ... Anyway a fourth season is on the way, and it doesn't look like it's pulling a THREE AND A HALF MEN...
4 days ago
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New Riverdale season 2 trailer shows off more blood and Molly Ringwald!

I remember when RIVERDALE was first announced, I was right alongside everyone else shitting on it, making fun of turning the light-hearted Archie comics into a dark, lurid teen murder mystery. Basically, it was like a not-even-particularly clever ROBOT CHICKEN sketch (basically, a ROBOT CHICKEN sketch). How could this show possibly be any good? Well I'm eating my...
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Supergirl might be visiting Riverdale in upcoming crossover!

I love me some cross-overs. And Archie is no stranger to them, having come face-to-face with both The Punisher and The Predator at different times in his career. So it's not much of a surprise that he's going to have a crossover with Supergirl, who herself is known to pal around with Flash every now-and-then. The fact that they're both CW shows also helps. Anyway,...
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Battlestar Galactica's Katee Sackhoff joins The Flash as Blacksmith

Even though Ezra Miller ’s Barry Allen/The Flash is set to make his DCEU appearance this November, comic book fans have been flocking to watch Grant Gustin’s take on THE FLASH show for a few years. Now, fans of sci-fi, comic books, and all general geekery have another reason to tune in every week as the show has just cast a notable BATTLESTAR GALACTICA alum in a major role...
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Archie has a gun! Riverdale unleashes dark and stylish season 2 teaser

Holy shit RIVERDALE! Now, don't get me wrong, this show has never shied away from the darkness. It dealt with murder, drugs, and incest (yes, really). So the fact that it's dark isn't surprising...just, like, was that Archie with a fucking gun? Where is this season headed? No matter what though, I'm excited. While pulpy, melodramatic, and oftentimes goofy, I loved the hell out...
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The CW's Black Lightning casts rapper Krondon as the villainous Tobias Whale

There's a storm a'comin', and soon The CW's BLACK LIGHTNING will be ready to strike. Today, it's been announced that L.A. rapper Marvin "Krondon" Jones III will become a series regular on the black comic book hero program, when he steps into the role of Tobias Whale, a larger-than-life villain. Krondon will join showrunners Salim and Mara...
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Elongated Man to appear on CW's The Flash series

So it looks like Elongated Man - the lame version of Plastic Man - is going to guest-star on the fourth season of CW's THE FLASH series. For those unaware, Elongated Man is a Private Investigator named Ralph Dibny who - alongside his wife Sue - solve crimes and stop villains, often alongside The Flash in the comics. So it's nice that he's getting his due on The Flash's own show. I...
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CW's Riverdale is back with new season 2 trailer!

Not going to lie, I fucking loved the first season of RIVERDALE. I fully expected to hate it, as I too have gotten sick of more faux-gritty reimaginings of none-gritty things. So, when I decided to watch the first episode on Netflix, it was purely out of morbid curiosity. However, I was immediately enraptured by the twisty-turny soap opera plots, the likable teens, and the central...
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CW Announces Fall 2017 Debut Dates for Arrow, Flash, Supergirl & more!

Sweet Christmas! Yes, I know that's Luke Cage's expression, but I'm borrowing it for the sake of this article, okay? The reason I'm feeling taken aback at the moment is because The CW just revealed that they've consolidated their slate of premieres to a single week! Set your DVRs, kids, because super heroes and noir murder mysteries are about to take over your life...
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New Wonder Woman ad shows CW's Supergirl trying on her outfit

So this is cute. Even though they exist in different universes, apparently CW's Supergirl is repping for the DCEU's Wonder Woman, going as for as to call her "a friend". She's even showing off the new Wonder Woman swag to the original Wonder Woman Lynda Carter (though she's playing the President of the United States on the show.) Anyway, you can see the...
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Black Lightning strikes in the first trailer for CW's newest superhero show

There's a storm coming, as it's been announced that BLACK LIGHTNING is set to debut as a part of The CW's midseason slate. As we'd already learned a ways back, the character will not be a participant as a member of the CW's Arrowverse , but will instead act as a stand-alone series with the intent of establishing its own fanbase and world-building...
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