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Review: Cymbeline

PLOT: An update of William Shakespeare 's play involving the patriarch of a biker gang who refuses to allow his daughter to be with a member of his club. REVIEW: Either William Shakespeare had a rare off day when he conceived CYMBELINE, or this modern day take on the tale is just a terribly translated, insanely ill-conceived botch job by its director. While the latter is...
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Exclusive: Ed Harris and Dakota Johnson character cards from Cymbeline

William Shakespeare has been updated in countless ways over the centuries, most recently with modern twists like in Kenneth Branagh 's HAMLET, Baz Luhrmann 's ROMEO + JULIET, and now with the outlaw infused CYMBELINE starring Ed Harris , Ethan Hawke , Milla Jovovich , and many others. Taking a cue from the Shakespearean SONS OF ANARCHY, the lesser known play is given a biker...
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New trailer for Cymbeline; a crime and drug filled Shakespeare adaptation

We have a new CYMBELINE trailer for you tonight, and as we’ve mentioned , if you’re a fan of Sons of Anarchy which is heavily influenced by William Shakespeare's "Hamlet", then you’re likely to enjoy this badass movie. This time, it’s Michael Almereyda ’s unique Shakespeare adaptation that’s full of crime, corruption, and no doubt a...
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Sons of Anarchy meets Shakespeare in the trailer for Cymbeline starring Ed Harris and Ethan Hawke

Fans of the FX biker series SONS OF ANARCHY are already fully aware that the series is heavily influenced by William Shakespeare 's HAMLET. While that series deviates from the classic play in some ways, The Bard's immortal tale is front and center and works perfectly with the modernized setting. While contemporary re-tellings of Shakespeare have been happening since the invention of...
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Updated adaptation of Shakespeare's Cymbeline casts Ethan Hawke, Ed Harris, Milla Jovovich and more!

We've seen quite a few Shakespeare adaptations in the last decade, some being wildly successful (Baz Luhrman's ROMEO + JULIET) and some barely blipping on the radar ( Ralph Fiennes CORIOLANUS). The trend recently continued with Joss Whedon 's MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING and will now segue into director Michael Almereyda 's CYMBELINE, a lesser known Shakespeare opus, which has set up a very...
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