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Shawn Levy reveals the status of the sequel to Real Steel

Test audiences got such a kick out of Shawn Levy 's REAL STEEL that a sequel was put into development months before the film actually hit theaters. Featuring Hugh Jackman ,  Evangeline Lilly ,  Dakota Goyo and some boxing robots, REAL STEEL proved to be a hit (although not a huge one) but the years came and went without much talk of a follow-up. While speaking with...
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Dark Skies' Jake Brennan to star in live-action Richie Rich Netflix series

The Wrap has learned Netflix has ordered 21 episodes of a live-action Richie Rich series produced by AwesomenessTV. DARK SKIES actor Jake Brennan will play "the poor little rich boy" in the half-hour comedy series, and it will also star Joshua Carlon ( Sam & Cat ), Jenna Ortega (INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 2), Lauren Taylor , Kiff VandenHeuvel (BEHIND THE CANDELABRA)...
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Shawn Levy has been secretly developing Real Steel 2

To all those people emailing us their fan scripts for a sequel to REAL STEEL, at ease everyone. You’re not the only ones who have been hard at work on the sequel, director Shawn Levy has been “quietly developing” it for years apparently. The first film starred Hugh Jackman as a washed-up boxer who turns to robot boxing to make a living; you know that old tale of...
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Review: Dark Skies

PLOT : The Barrett family is struggling to make ends meet. After Daniel Barrett is laid off, his wife Lacy struggles to bring in enough income to keep them out of debt. Things only get worse when strange occurrences begin to happen in the dark hours of the night affecting their relationship with their children. Is something other worldly visiting them while they sleep? Where is Mulder...
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The trailer for Dark Skies looks like Insidious with aliens instead of demons

With a glut of demon and haunted house movies out there, producers are always looking for a way to capitalize on a genre and try and keep it fresh. Blumhouse Productions, who have brought us SINISTER, INSIDIOUS, and PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, are keeping the haunted house asthetic, but changing the source of the torment. DARK SKIES, as you can probably guess from the title, has aliens as...
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Set Visit: Talking with Hugh Jackman on the set of Real Steel!

READ PART 1 OF OUR SET VISIT HERE Yesterday, I spoke a bit about the fact that REAL STEEL is, in fact, my first ever set visit. Towards the end of the visit, I had a thrill when I got to meet none other than WOLVERINE himself, Hugh Jackman. As I’m not yet experienced with going toe-to-toe with stars of Jackman’s stature, I was probably a little nervous at first....
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Set Visit: Boxing robots, Hugh Jackman and fish tacos on the set of Real Steel!

Working at JoBlo.com has been an adventure from day one, and over the last few years Iíve had the opportunity to visit film festivals like TIFF, Sundance, and Fantasia. Yet, in the summer of 2010, there was still one thing I hadnít experienced yet: the set visit. Now, as a kid growing up in Montreal, I never for a second thought that one day I'd be standing on the set of a $100...
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