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Review: The Zookeeper's Wife

PLOT : This is the story of a zookeeper and his wife who discover a way to protect hundreds of people during the German invasion of Warsaw. REVIEW : In the past few months, Jessica Chastain has certainly proven that she can carry a film. With last year’s MISS SLOANE - which earned her a Golden Globe nomination - she gave one of the most powerful...
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We interview Jessica Chastain & Niki Caro for The Zookeeper's Wife

I've interviewed Jessica Chastain five times now, and she just keeps getting lovelier. On this occasion we talked about her stunning new film THE ZOOKEERPER'S WIFE, based on the international bestseller by Diane Ackerman. In the film, Chastain plays Antonina Zabinski, one half of a married pair of zookeepers who kept safe hundreds of Jews during the Nazi invasion of Poland in...
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The Kill Counter: Inglourious Basterds (video)

Ever wondered how many people lose their lives in any particular movie, be it action, horror, sci-fi, or even comedy? Well, we've got you covered with The Kill Counter, our new series takes out all the guesswork and counts down every death on (and sometimes off) screen. Break out your calculator and try to keep up! For the latest episode we tackle Quentin Tarantino 's 2009 war flick...
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Crossbones will continue taking a dirt nap for the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Back when he was promoting his work for CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR, actor Frank Grillo teased that his Crossbones character may have survived his altercation with Wanda Maximoff, and may one day come back to cause more trouble for Steve Rogers and his friends. Welp, it appears that after a recent interview with Collider, Grillo has confessed that Crossbones will no longer play a part...
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Unused Captain America: Civil War concept art reveals a Wakandan city

At the close of CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR we got a very brief mist-covered look at T'Challa's ( Chadwick Boseman ) home country of Wakanda, but we still have a bit of a wait ahead of us before we get to explore his nation properly in Ryan Coogler 's BLACK PANTHER. Andrew Leung, a concept-artist who has worked on IRON MAN 3 and CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR as well as the...
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The Marvel Minute - Civil War money, Mark Millar, Legion, Deadpool & more!

In this weekly video series, we round up all the important Marvel related movie news from the previous week to get you caught up on everything happening in the Marvel universe through December 26th. The numbers are in and it looks like CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR is the top money maker of 2016. Congratulations on making over a billion dollars with only the help of a bunch of popular...
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Civil War author Mark Millar addresses concerns over film version

Unless ROGUE ONE continues to do terrific business in the coming month or so, CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR will end up being the highest grossing movie of 2016 with a global total of $1.153 billion. The film won over critics and fans, and stands as one of the MCU’s grandest achievements. That being said, not everyone can like every movie, and CIVIL WAR is no exception. Mark...
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Surprise! J.J. Abrams' God Particle will have Cloverfield connections

Mere months before its release, Dan Trachtenberg 's 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE (previously titled THE CELLAR) was revealed to be somewhat of a spiritual sequel to J.J. Abrams ' CLOVERFIELD. Although the final film may not have been the CLOVERFIELD sequel which fans were hoping for, it was very positively recieved largely thanks to the incredible performances from Mary Elizabeth...
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Cool Videos: Civil War VFX reels brings Black Panther to life

Chadwick Boseman 's Black Panther was one of the highlights of CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR but did you know that not one frame of his bad-ass suit was real? Although there was a practical outfit worn by Boseman and his stuntmen on set, the Russo brothers realized that it wasn't giving the performers the freedom of movement they needed to properly sell the character. The pair...
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Easter Egg Countdown: Captain America: Civil War

The biggest superhero movie of the year so far (financially, at least), CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR brought together the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a way we usually expect for an Avengers film, which has led to it being dubbed Avengers 2.5, rather than a solo Cap film. And, hey, who's complaining when you have a newly revamped Spider-Man, the long-awaited intro of Black Panther, an...
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Cool Videos: Spider-Man and Deadpool have a chat in Civil War fan video

If there are two superheroes that have owned 2016 so far, it’s Deadpool ( Ryan Reynolds ) and Spider-Man ( Tom Holland ). The former proved that respect for a character can translate to box office gold and R-rated glory. The latter properly brought Spidey into the modern era, giving us what many believe to be the best cinematic incarnation of the hero yet (in such a small amount...
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Cool Videos: LEGO Iron Man violates LEGO Captain America's civil rights

Most of us have had time to digest the action-packed and dramatic events of CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR by now, but I'm sure we all had the same thought upon exiting the theater: wouldn't that have been a million times better in LEGO form?! I kid, but I'm a bit of a sucker for stop-motion LEGO related videos and while I'm aware that they're definitely a common...
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