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David Fincher in final negotiations to direct World War Z 2

Getting a sequel moving for the 2013 zombie blockbuster, WORLD WAR Z, has been more arduous than actually surviving a zombie apocalypse. But the wait has officially been worth it as Paramount is reportedly very close to signing Oscar-nominee David Fincher to helm the project. Fans of undead hordes and Brad Pitt ’s blonde, silken locks may begin rejoicing. Variety...
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Producers "incredibly happy" with World War Z script; Fincher still in talks

Despite the fact it made a ton of cash ($540 million global), WORLD WAR Z’s massive budget made making a profit difficult, and thus a sequel has had trouble getting off the ground, as if it was a helicopter being held down by a horde of zombies. But talks around the second chapter have been picking up recently, and now word is the producers are just waiting to close a few deals,...
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David Fincher is still interested in directing the World War Z sequel

Just yesterday , Paramount axed both FRIDAY THE 13TH and WORLD WAR Z 2 from their 2017 schedule. In the case of FRIDAY THE 13TH, they shut down production completely, but the studio is still hoping to get the WORLD WAR Z sequel off the ground and into theaters by 2018 or 2019. J.A. Bayona (A MONSTERS CALLS) was initially slated to direct the film, but when he dropped out due to...
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Update: Paramount pulls World War Z 2 and Friday the 13th off their schedule

Update: Well, looks like Paramount has had second thoughts about FRIDAY THE 13TH after all. THR is reporting that the reboot has been shut down just six weeks from the start of principal photography. The poor box-office return of RINGS is said to be the reason, with executives believing that the reboot " would have chased the same audience, although others point out the project...
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Brad Pitt looking to David Fincher to direct World War Z sequel

Despite its troubled production and mixed reviews, Brad Pitt 's WORLD WAR Z still managed to make a bundle at the box-office, meaning that a sequel was an inevitability. Paramount announced the sequel not too long after the release of the first and Juan Antonio Bayona (THE IMPOSSIBLE) was later attached to direct , although he jumped ship earlier this year due to other...
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J.A. Bayona drops out of directing Brad Pitt's World War Z sequel

Paramount and Plan B are gearing up to start filming for WORLD WAR Z this summer, however they'll have to find a new director for the project first, as Deadline is reporting that J.A. Bayona (THE IMPOSSIBLE, THE ORPHANAGE) has exited the sequel due to scheduling conflicts. The studio wants the film to head into production in time for its planned 2017 release, but Bayona is...
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World War Z sequel gets back on track as it moves forward with a new writer

Given the issues which it experienced during production, it's remarkable how perfectly adequate WORLD WAR Z ended up being. The film isn't nearly as bad as some people claim, nor as good as others seem to think it is, but rather, it's a reasonably entertaining waste of two hours which offers up one or two interesting ideas as well as a handful of fun visuals. A WORLD WAR Z...
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Release dates announced for World War Z & My Big Fat Greek Wedding sequels

Paramount has locked in a release date for its WORLD WAR Z sequel. The studio has announced it will be in theaters on June 9, 2017 , and it will open against the FANTASTIC FOUR sequel, although there's a good chance one of them will be moved to a different date. THE IMPOSSIBLE's J.A. Bayona will direct the film from a script by LOCKE and Peaky Blinders screenwriter...
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World War Z sequel starting with a 'clean slate' says writer Steven Knight

Even though WORLD WAR Z suffered from a lot of production issues that inevitably were made public, Marc Forster ’s take on the Max Brook novel would eventually go on to box office success bringing in $540 million and securing itself a sequel. While there hasn’t been much in the way of news regarding the upcoming sequel since Steven Knight (LOCKE) signed on to write the...
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Steven Knight set to pen World War Z sequel starring Brad Pitt

Take a knee everyone; here is a much needed update with the planned WORLD WAR Z sequel. The last update we had for you was that J.A. Bayona was attached to direct; now we know that Steven Knight has been tapped to pen the script. Brad Pitt returns for a story that is still under wraps, but if you have seen the first film or read the Max Brooks novel, you could assume it will...
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The sequel to World War Z lands an Impossible director

Ready for another WORLD WAR Z flick? The hordes of the undead are on their way once more with director of THE IMPOSSIBLE and THE ORPHANAGE's J.A. Bayona . There's no word on what they have planned for the second installment in terms of plot. No writer is in place though Bayona will likely oversee the writing process as well. Those of you who read WORLD WAR Z by Max Brooks...
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Max Brooks' zombie vs vampire comic The Extinction Parade may be headed to television

Max Brooks wrote the great novel that served as the inspiration for WORLD WAR Z, a film that was good but not as great as it could have been. Next, he may be on his way to bringing a challenger for THE WALKING DEAD on your home television. Brooks' comic series THE EXTINCTION PARADE appears to be catching the eye of some as the next big horror series featuring not just the lurching,...
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