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New Dark Tower posters released featuring Roland and the Man in Black

Oh man, I'm super excited for THE DARK TOWER movie. And those awesome teasers certainly helped ease some of my fears (though not all of them). I mean, the idea of a fantasy western starring a badass Idris Elba fighting off against Satan Matthew McConaughey sounds epic-as-hell! So now that we've finally seen some real footage (besides the leaked trailer months ago),...
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Dark Tower releases new (possibly spoilery) image

I can't wait to see the new DARK TOWER movie! Cowboy knights in a fantasy realm fighting demons and shit? Sign me the f*ck up! I unfortunately never read the books (I know, shame) and was going to before the film's release. But a year is still too short a time to read 10,000 million pages. Maybe someday... Anyway, a tweet has surfaced that offers us up a new image!...
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Dark Tower book Wizard and Glass to be turned into TV show alongside film

I'm excited for THE DARK TOWER movie like nobody's business. Everything I've seen so far looks so cool, from Idris Elba's Roland looking like a badass Steampunk Blade, Matthew McConaughey (or as I like to call him Matthew ctrl+c/ctrl+v) rocking it as Randall Flagg, and the whole fusion fantasy/Western vibe. While I have yet to read the books, everything I've...
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Neil Gaiman says we may see the premiere of HBO series American Gods sometime this year

Neil Gaiman is a name instantly recognizable to fans of comic books and fantasy literature. His work on Sandman and other Vertigo Comics titles along with his novels CORALINE, AMERICAN GODS, THE GRAVEYARD BOOK, NEVERWHERE, GOOD OMENS, and STARDUST. To date, CORALINE and STARDUST have been made into feature films while it was announced HBO would air a six season series based on the...
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