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Exclusive Cool Video: Movie CliffsNotes - The Expendables 2

This week THE EXPENDABLES 3 opens (our review here ) and to help get you "in the mood" for some good ol' action cheesiness, we've got a new cool video feature called Movie CliffsNotes, where we catch you up with all the basics (and of course a little snarky commentary) of a film so that you can get the gist without having to sit through the whole thing. So, to prepare...
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Cool Videos: Chuck Norris wishes you a Merry Christmas because Chuck Norris

When he's not slamming revolving doors or single-handedly saving his co-stars in THE EXPENDABLES 2, Chuck Norris likes to get festive and share his holiday spirit with the world. Fellow onscreen asskicker Jean-Claude Van Damme threw down the guantlet earlier this year in viral ads, so naturally Chuck chose Christmas as the right time to respond in kind, showing true holiday cheer while...
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Sylvester Stallone tweets the identity of the director of The Expendables 3 and it is...

After a laundry list of rumors and fan picks for the director of THE EXPENDABLES 3, Sylvester Stallone has made his decision. He dropped multiple hints today on his Twitter feed as to the identity of the filmmaker taking on the next chapter of the action franchise that included that he is Australian, directed a movie just a couple years ago, is not very well known in the United...
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Could Mel Gibson be a contender to direct The Expendables 3?

Quite a few names have been tossed around to direct a third installment of THE EXPENDABLES franchise, the fan favorite seeming to be action auteur John Woo (see our Cast This here ). However, Sylvester Stallone has taken to Twitter for reactions to a name he's floating around; Mel Gibson . After sending out a Tweet saying "What about Mel Gibson directing Expendables Five???" as a...
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Will there be a spot for Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in Expendables 3?

One of my favorite people on Twitter, Dwayne " The Rock " Johnson should have been in one of the EXPENDABLES films by now, right? I mean, he's sort of a gimme. I get how the first was basically a big reunion of awesome 80s/90s action heroes, but why didn't Johnson make the cut for the second? Also, why has no one called Vin Diesel ? Are we waiting for THE EXPENDABLES 4 which will...
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Sylvester Stallone tweets some Expendables 3 updates: No Steven Seagal, maybe Jackie Chan, and yes to young blood

THE EXPENDABLES 2 didn't really light up the box office like I'm sure Sylvester Stallone and company thought it would. The film made about $15 million less than the original in the United States (it did make more worldwide compared to its predecessor) but the movie still performed better than recent offerings from THE EXPENDABLES crew (PARKER, GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD, BULLET TO THE HEAD,...
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C'mon Hollywood: Get back in the Fight!

In the summer of 1989, a little movie by the name of BATMAN came out. I was 12 years old, immersed in comics, and ready to have my mind blown on the day that I finally got to the theater to see Tim Burton ’s vision come to life. The theater was jam-packed on the afternoon I went and as I got to the ticket counter I saw my best friend exiting his screening, looking like...
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Stallone responds to both critics and fans with a blunt statement regarding The Expendables 3

Before THE EXPENDABLES 2 even kicked down cinema doors back in August there was already talk of a third movie and what new actors might be integrated into the explosive team of awesomely-named and overly-violent mercenaries.  Director talk has been bandied about, with the likes of John Woo heading up the list of fan hopefuls .  And now Sylvester Stallone himself has decided to step in...
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Blu-ray/DVD release date and disc details: The Expendables 2, The Bourne Legacy, and Killer Joe

As I mention in the newly-born Amazing Amazon Deals column, deciding what to pay for always gets tricky because there's just so many damn different things going on at once.  Movies are releasing in theaters, movies are releasing on the internet, movies are releasing on Blu-ray/DVD... it can be a bit maddening.  And what with the Holiday Season coming up, some of those stockings are...
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Fans lobby for John Woo to direct The Expendables 3

As THE EXPENDABLES 2 nears $300 million in worldwide gross, the talk turns to the inevitable sequel. We have all been hearing since before THE EXPENDABLES 2 hit theaters that a third film was coming. The question would be, who will direct it? It seems likely that Simon West will come back for the final film in the EXPENDABLES trilogy, but one fan is lobbying hard for an action icon...
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